FREE - Primeval Greek Village Music 1907-1960 "Why The Mountains Are Black"

This is our culture - "The music of Papou and Yiayia" per John P. Dascoulias, February 2016

Primeval Greek Village Music 1907-1960

Most songs now available for FREE on YouTube - SEE BELOW

Originally released by Jack White's Third Man Records - "Remastered from the original 78 rpm discs, this set contains 28 previously unissued recordings"

Songs on this album - Links to YouTube

Kalamatianos (Dance of Kalamata) -

Sousta Rethymniotiki (Sousta Dance of Rethymno) -

Giati Ine Mavra Ta Vouna (Why the Mountains are Black) -

Ousak Tsiftelli (Tsiftelli Rhythm Dance in Ousak Mode) -

Enas Aetos (An Eagle) -

Mirologi-Epirotiko Makedoniko (An Epirotic-Macedonian Lament) -

Makedoniko Hasapiko (Hasapikos Dance of Macedonia) -

Selfos (Nightingale) -

Enas Aetos-Tsamiko (An Eagle - Dance) -

E Triantafyllia (The Rose Tree) - 

Pera Ston Pera Maxala (Over to the Other Neighborhood) -

Syrtos Haniotikos (Syrtos Dance from Hania) - 

Syrtos Politikos (Dance from Constantinople)

Kalymnikos Issos (Dance from Kalymnos)

Arvantiko O Aetos (An Eagle, Arvanitiko Style)

Svarniara (Reckless Woman) -

Kalamatianos (Dance of Kalamata) -

Platanos (Plane Tree) -

Golfo (A Ballad)

Patineda Tis Nifis (Wedding Dance)

Pousteno, Boufiou (Loose Dance) -

Karagouna, Gianniotiko (Karagouna Dance, Ioannina-style)

Kotta Mou (My Chicken) -

Syrtos Politikos (Dance from Constantinople)

Eseis Padia Vlahopoila (You Young Vlach Children) -

Kritiki Sousta (Fast Dance from Crete)

Tzarama (Shepherd Flute Song)

Kalymniki Sousta (Dance from Kalymnos)