HELLENIC ORGANIZATION: Cephalonian Society of California


Name of Organization:  Cephalonian Society of California

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/257098861029537/about/

Website:  http://www.kefaloniansociety.com/


On May 24th, 1937 the Cephalonians of San Francisco formed our Cephalonian Society of California as we are known today.
The Men instrumental in forming this charitable group were: Louis Calavarias, James Lampiris, Jerry Maritatos, Harry Metaxas, Napoleon Spiliotis, Jerry Travlos, Costats Vellis and Dennis Zabelle.
The Society has shown their dedication and love to mankind through the philanthropic work they have done with funds and the Medical Van fully equipped given to Cephalonia with the purpose of aiding and healing the ill and needy.
The “O Sotir” Orphanage, the Old Folks Home and the hospital in Argostoli have been the main recipients of the Society’s donations. In addiction to funding the worthy causes in Cephalonia the Society has supported our Orthodox Parishes in the Bay Area as well many other in distress.
In 1962 the Society established a Charitable Fund to further continue and strengthen this philanthropic work.