Book - The Greek American Community of Essex County, New Jersey by John Antonakos

Authored by John Antonakos
Published 4/21/2010

This book is available on Amazon in paperback and as a Kindle ebook.  I purchased the Kindle ebook for $3.99.

This book is about the first Greek immigrants to the United States and their children.  These immigrants were pioneers because they were of the first Greeks to venture out into New Worlds.  They had to be very daring to leave their homeland.  To decide to leave, they had to consider relatives, friends, and even the beautiful climate of Greece.
This book is composed of the histories of the pioneer immigrants and/or the histories of their children…….

The Greek American Community of Essex County, New Jersey
Thoma and Kanella Anagnostopoulos
Charles and Mildred Andresakes
George and Louise Andresakes
Spirithon and Flora Antonakos
John and Eva Antonakos
Kosma and Matina Larres
Nicholas and Evelyn Antonios
Yioryios and Stavroula Apostolakos
Harry and Julie Lake
Vasileios and Yiannoula Boucouvalas
Nikolaos and Athanasia Bougades
Athanasios and Chrisanthi Boutsikaris
Michail and Antonia Boutsikaris
James and Georgia Bratsos
Steven and Helen Cocores
Dr. Charles and Betty Coniaris
Matthew and Helen Dedoussis
Thomas and Cal Geannakakes
Yioryios and Maria Genute
Kiriakouli and Stamata Gergulas
Constantine and Katina Grimbilas
Xenofon and Stavroula Griveas
Peter and Mary Jovanis
Nikita and Yiannoula Juvelis
Ilia and Aylaia Kallas
Ilia and Evyenia Kallianes
Dr. Peter and Persephone Kapsimalis
Thionisios and Ageliki Karambelas
Yioryios and Maria Katsafouros
Panayioti and Maria Koronakos
John and Rosemary Koronakos
William and Stacey Kosmides
Ioanni and Antonia Kostakos
Rev. Peter and Matina Kostakos
Thioisios and Panagiota Kostoulakos
William and Nellie Demestihas
John and Janice Kostoulakos
Paul and Pauline Kostoulakos
Stephen and Tula Zanias
Simeon and Zoi Koutouzakis
Chris and Mary Mantzavinos
Vasileios and Eleni Mehalaris
Nicholas and Eva Micheludis
Thimitrios and Stavroula Motsovoleas
Charles and Gladys Kurebanas
Ioanni and Evstathia Pappas
Ioanni and Antonia Petrakakos
Konstantino and Yiannoula Petropoulakos
Chris and Athena Sophos
Iorthani and Ioanna Stamati
George and Mary Stefanis
Panayioti and Ayapi Strobolakos
Petro and Evagelia Strobolakos
Ioanni and Panagiota Thomas
Yioryios and Aikaterini Tsotakos
Michael and Jean Krystalla
Stefano and Eleni Xanthakos
Spirithon and Vasiliki Xanthakos
Rev. George and Stavroula Xenofanes
Xithi and Kanella Xidakos