Book - The Pioneer Maniates of Newark, New Jersey by John Antonakos

This book was brought to my attention by our Hellenic Genealogy Geek friend Maria D. Yorgakopoulou.

Authored by John Antonakos
Published 10/30/2018

This book is available on Amazon in paperback and as a Kindle ebook.  I purchased the Kindle ebook for $3.99.

The Greeks first started to immigrate to America in large numbers after 1900. This book is about those Greeks who immigrated from the district of Mani, Laconia, between 1900 and 1930. The Greek American community that evolved here had three parts: a parish of the Orthodox church, a chapter of the Order of AHEPA, and numerous regional societies. 

This book gives a cross section of the lives of these Maniates and their families. They were very industrious and of high moral character. They instilled these virtues into their children so that today they have become leaders in science, commerce, industry, education, and government.

Anagnostopoulos, Kanella
Antonakos, Ioanni
Antonakos, Panayioti
Antonakos, Spirithon-Flora
Apostolakos, Yiorgios-Stavroula
Boucouvalas, Vasileios-Yiannoula
Boutsikaris, Athanasios-Chrisanthi
Boutsikaris, Ioanni-Christalo
Boutsikaris, Michail-Antonia
Boutsikaris, Petro
Boutsikaris, Sokrati
Capelakos, Thimitrios-Iliostalakti
Demetroulakos, Ioanni-Eleni
Genakos, Panayioti-Maythalini
Genakos, Thimitrios
Georgouleas, Thrakouli-Maria
Gergulas, Kiriakouli-Stamata
Giannakouros, Panayioti
Giorgakarakos, Thimitrios-Antonia
Giorgouleas, Panayioti
Giorgouleas, Thrakouli-Maria
Griveas, Xenofon
Jemas, Stavroula
Kallas, Aylaia
Kapetanakos, Yiorgios
Karambelas, Nikolaos
Karambelas, Thionisios-Angeliki
Kastris, Eleni
Katramados, Theothoro-Stavroula
Katsafouros, Yiorgios-Maria
Katsakos, Antonios
Katsakos, Panayioti
Katsoulakos, Thoma-Kleopatra
Koloroutis, Ilia-Maria
Koronakos, Panayioti-Maria
Kostakos, Ioanni-Antonia
Kostakos, Steliano-Irini
Kostoulakos, Thionisios-Panayiota
Koufomihalis, Stefano
Laskaris, Athanasios
Leoutsakos, Panayioti
Liverakos, Ioanni
Mariolis, Nikolaos-Anna
Mavrode, Vasileios-Eleni
Motsovoleas, Thimitrios-Stavroula
Panagakos, Konstantino-Maria
Panagakos, Pierro-Irini
Panagiotareas, Antonia
Pantos, Yioryia
Papadothomakos, Ioanni-Panayiota
Pappadothomakos, Panayioti-Kalliopi
Parageans, Vasileios-Anna
Petrakakos, Ioanni-Antonia
Petrakakos, Steliano
Petropoulakos, Konstantino-Yiannoula
Polycandriotis, Stavroula
Pontiakos, Eleni
Poulakos, Ioanni-Stavroula
Pontiakos, Eleni
Poulakos, Ioanni-Stavroula
Poulimeneas, Nikolaos-Panayiota
Poulos, Maria
Sabatakos, Konstantino
Strobokakos, Petro
Strobolakos, Panayioti-Ayapi
Theodorakos, Ioanni
Theodorakos, Thimitrios
Theodorakos, Yioryios
Tranakos, Aristoteli
Tsotakos, Likouryo-Stavroula
Tsotakos, Yiorgios-Aikaterini
Xanthakos, Panagioti
Xanthakos, Stefano
Xidakos, Xithi-Kanella