353 Greece Born Entries in U.S. Naval Enlistment Rendezvous, 1855-1891

The FamilySearch.org website has a FREE database titled "United States Naval Enlistment Rendezvous, 1855-1891".  There are 353 entries with GREECE as the Place of Birth.

Following are some excerpts from the FamilySearch.org wiki for this database:

"A rendezvous was the recruiting station where the men enlisted in the Navy.  Officers at the rendezvous kept a record of each man enlisted and reported the information weekly to the Navy Department.  These documents are known as the "weekly returns of rendezvous reports." . . . . 

Information found in this collection may include:
Name of naval rendezvous
Name of new recruit
Date and term of enlistment
Rating (rank)
Name of ship to which assigned
Previous naval service
City and state where born (or in this case country = Greece)
Personal description

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