Tobacco Exhibition Reconstructs Long-gone Trade Routes - Greek News Agenda

The Greek News Agenda published "Tobacco Exhibition Reconstructs Long-gone Trade Routes" on February 4, 2014.

"The traveling exhibition Kapnos-Tabak, was inaugurated in the northern Greek city of Drama on January 22.  The exhibition features the history of tobacco and its historical routes in Europe; besides, it follows the same traveling route that the commerce of tobacco followed a century ago within Greece.

"The exhibits show the role cities played during the Ottoman rule.  "In the early twentieth century, cultivation, trading and processing of tobacco leaves for export was the main economic activity in the cities of Kavala, Xanthi, Drama and Thessaloniki," said curator Maria Radetzi said.  The exhibition will be also displayed in Xanthi and Thessaloniki before ending up at the Benaki Museum in Athens."