Black Sea Greeks Genocide Conference at Brussels Academy

Article published by the GreekNewsAgenda on February 18, 2014

The Royal Academy of Science, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium will hold in Brussels a conference on Genocide and the massacres of Black Sea Greeks:  The issue of the recognition of victims, on February 20-21.

Although the theme of genocide and their negation is at the center of modern debates, this is not true for the massacres.  The purpose of the conference is to initiate a debate on the issue of recognition of the victims of massacre and the suffering of loved ones, by examining a specific case, little known, that of Pontian Greeks, which has all parameters.

What some call Pontian Greek Genocide during the First World War illustrates this phenomenon taking into account the fact that 360,000 people from Pontus were massacred.

Among the participants are Herve Hasquin, Didier Viviers, Lambros Kouloumbaritsis, Artemis Menounou, Peter Lagrou, Ekaterini Lefka, Theodosios Kyriakidis and Jennifer Reilly Kellogg.