Book - 157 Greek names listed - "National Histories, Natural States; Nationalism and the Politics of Place in Greece" by Peckham

Nationalism and the Politics of Place
by Robert Shannan Peckham

Published by I. B. Tauris Publishers, London, New York - 2001


I was initially interested in this book because of the section in Chapter 2 --  2.4 The Reorganization of the Land (after the War for Independence).  I was specifically interested in how the land was distributed to the citizens after the war.  Below is an excerpt from that section.

"During the early years of the Greek Revolution, confiscated Turkish holdings were claimed by the Greek government as "national estates" to be exploited as collateral for foreign loans, although no coherent policy was formulated to justify this appropriation of land.  It was not until much later in the nineteenth century - not, in fact, until after 1871 - that the Greek government took some effective measure in distributing the national estates.  According to one British writer in 1854 "the cultivators of the soil" in Greece were "retained in a state of medieval barbarism".  The lack of detailed demographic data and information about land registration made attempts to administer it difficult.  Although the principle had been laid down by Count Ioannis Capodistrias, Greece's first president (1828-1831), that all those who served in the war should be given land vacated by the Ottoman Turks, only approximately a sixth of Greeks were landowners, the rest being tenants." . . . . 

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Below you will find the Table of Contents and the 157 Greek names mentioned in the book.




Chapter One:  Mapping the nation:  language, geography and the new ethnography

Chapter Two:  Cultural landscapes and the formation of the Greek state

Chapter Three:  Frontier fictions

Chapter Four:  Folklores of modernity

Chapter Five:  Local knowledge, National history

Chapter Six:  Islands apart:  rural fictions

Chapter Seven:  Life underground:  archaeology and the recover of the present

Chapter Eight:  Map mania

Conclusion:  Nationalism and the location of culture





Antoniadis, Antonios

Aspreas, Yeoryios
Axiotis, Panayiotis
Capodistrias, Ioannis (Count)
Chatzopoulos, Dimitrios
Christodoulou, Archimandrite Melissinos
Christopoulos, Athanasios
Christopoulos, C.
Christovasilis, Christos
Dambergis, Ioannis
Danton, Georges
Dapontes, Konstantinos (aka Kaisarios, Monk in Mt. Athos)
Delmouzos, Alekos
Dimaras, K. Th.
Dimitsas, Margaritis
Doukas, Neophytos
Dragoumis, Ion
Dragoumis, Julia
Dragoumis, Stefanos
Drosinis, Yeoryios
Eftaliotis, Argyris
Enialis, Lambros
Fatzeas, Yeorgios
Flessas, Y.
Gazis, Anthimos
Gennadius, John
Goudas, Anastasios N.
Gyzis, Nikolaos
Hourmouziadis, Anastasios
Iaias, Alexandros
Iakovidis, Yeoryios
Ioannidou, Savvas
Kalligas, Pavlos
Kambouroglou, Dimitrios
Karantzakis, Nikos
Karkavitsas, Andreas
Kasdonis, Yorgos
Katartzis  Dimitrios
Kazazis, Neoklis
Kleanthis, Stamatios
Kodrikas, Panagiotis
Kofos, Evangeos
Kolettis, Ioannis
Kolokotronis, Theodoros
Komninos, Panayiotis
Kondylakis, Ioannis
Konidaris, Yeorgios
Konstantas, Grigorios
Konstantinidis, G.
Korais, Adamantios
Koumanoudis, Stephanos
Koumas, Konstantinos
Kourouniotis, Konstantinos
Kourtidis, P. G.
Kouskouri, Politimi
Kozakis-Typaldos, Yeoryios
Krinos, Stephanos
Krystallis, Kostas
Kyprianos, Aristidis
Kyriakidis, Stylpon
Kyriakidou-Nestoros, Alki
Lambros, Pavlos
Loukatos, Dimitrios
Lytras, Nikiforos
Lytras, Nikiphoros
Manolakakis, E.
Mavrocordatos, Alexandros
Mavromichalis, Konstantinos
Mavromichalis, Yeorgios
Melas, Pavos
Meletios (of Ioannina)
Metaxas, Nikolaos
Metaxas-Vosporitis, Konstantinos
Michaelidis, Kleanthis
Miliarakis, Antonios
Miliarakis, Spyridon
Mitsakis, Mihail
Mitsopoulos, Konstantinos
Moraitidis, Alexandros
Moraitidis, Spyridon
Moustoxidis, Andreas
Mouzelis, Nikos
Myrivilis, Stratis
Negris, Theodoros
Neroulos, Iakovos Rizos
Nikalaidis, V.
Nikolaidis, Constantinos
Niphakis, Nikitas
Nirvanas, Pavlos
Notaras, Chrysanthos
Oikonomos, Aristidis
Oikonomos, Konstantinos
Palaiologos, Grigorios
Palamas, Kostis
Paliouritis, Grigorios
Pandazopoulos, Nikolaos
Pantazidis, Ioannis
Papadiamantis, Alexandros
Papadopoulos, Nikolaos
Paparrigopoulos, Konstantinos
Papathanasiou, Ioannis
Peresiadis, Spyros
Philippidis, Argyris
Philippidis, Daniil
Pitsipios, Iakovos
Pittakis, Kyriakos
Politis, Nikolaos
Pyrros, Dionysios
Rados, Konstantinos N.
Raftopoulos, Perikles A.
Rangavis, Alexandros Rizos
Renieris, Markos
Rodokanakis, Th. P.
Saripolos, Nikolaos
Sathas, Yorgos
Sikelianos, Angelos
Skliros, Yorgos
Skordelis, Vlasios
Sofianos, Nikolaos
Sokolis, Konstantinos S.
Souliotis-Nikolaidis, A.
Soutsos, Alexandros
Soutsos, Ioannis
Soutsos, Panayiotis
Stathopoulos, Stavros
Theotokas, Yorgos
Thomopoulos, Stephanos
Trikoupis, Charilaos
Trikoupis, Spyridon
Typaldos-Alfonsatos, Ioannis
Tziovas, Dimitris
Vassiliou, Alexandros
Velestinlis, Rigas
Venizelos, Eleftherios
Vernardakis, Dimitrios
Vikelas, Dimitrios
Vilaras, Ioannis
Vizyinos, Yeoryios
Vlachoyiannis, Yannis
Vlasto, Etienne
Vounekas, Menelaos
Voutiras, Demosthenes
Vratsanos, Miltiadis
Vryzakis, Theodoros
Vyzandios, Anastasios
Vyzandios, Dimitrios Hatzi-Aslan
Xenopoulos, Grigorios
Yannopoulos, Perikles
Ypsilantis, Alexandros
Zalikoglou, Grigorios
Zambelios, Spyridon
Zographos, Panagiotis
Zosimas brothers