Film - The Sacking of Phocaea 1914


This message originally came to me through the MGSA (Modern Greek Studies Association).  

Our names are Agnes Sklavou and Stelios Tatakis. We are independent Film Directors-Producers from Greece.
We want to inform you about how our film the Historical documentary "The sacking of Phocaea"(International title)
"Γεγονοτα στη Φώκαια 1914" (Greek title) can be screened to your community.

The film had screened or will be in Montreal, Chicago, Huston, Marseilles and Nice for 2016.

June 1914. Just before the outbreak of the First World War, the entire Greek population living on the coast of Asia Minor had to evacuate
their villages and flee to Greece, abandoning homes and land. This expulsion, happening during a difficult political and diplomatic period,
did not have the impact one might have expected. At the time French archaeologist Felix Sartiaux, and three colleagues were in the region
on an archaeological mission to discover traces of the city of Phocaea (now Foça in Turkey).
They were not only witnesses of this sudden attack but managed to save and help a considerable number of Greeks.

Prix Memoire de la Mediterranee (INA) - 19th Primed 2015 (International festival of Mediterranean Documentary).
1st Prize for Best Documentary - 9th Greek Documentary Festival 2015.
Best Editing Award - 9th Greek Documentary Festival 2015.
Best Documentary Award  - 1st Beyond the Borders Doc. Festival  IDISME 2016

Greek press: 783779/opinion/epikairothta/ politikh/gegonota-sth-fwkaia- 1914-ntokimanter-50-twn-anies- sklavoy-kai-stelioy-tatakh- fernei-sto-fws-th-martyria- toy-galloy-arxaiologoy-feli3- sartiw-se-anaskafh-ths- istorias 785302/opinion/epikairothta/ politikh/h-symvolikh-premiera- ston-orfea-sarwnidas-kai-h- synexeia-ths--logw-toy- istorikoy-endiaferontos-toy- ntokimanter-gegonota-sth- fwkaia-1914 842988/opinion/epikairothta/ politikh/me-to-braveio- kalyterhs-tainias-sthn- kathgoria-mnhmes-ths- mesogeioy-timh8hke-h-tainia- gegonota-sth-fwkaia-1914-sto- 19o-mesogeiako-festival- primed-2015

fb, trailer: Events-in-Phocaea-1914- 1422685461278449/?fref=ts

Tech specs:
Duration : 50 min 25 sec, Ratio : 16/9, Format : HD, Available versions : Greek, English, French (subtitled)

If you are interested to make a screening of the film, from your club or your community, please contact our international distributor "ICTV".
ICTV Contact info:
ICTV (Internet Cinéma Télévision Vidéo),
Stéphanie Hennequin, Chef de Projet, à +33 (0)

We are at your disposal for any further information you require.
Please Forward this email to anyone you think may be interested.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Agnes Sklavou

+30 6977143522