Deserted Villages of Crete - Village of Drakos (Dragon)

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"The settlement of Drakos (i.e. Dragon) is located close to Limnes (Agios Nikolaos). It is one of the several abandoned villages of the area. The last resident left the Drakos in 1979. It is a model of agricultural village with stone houses with tiles, narrow streets, cisterns for collecting rainwater and scattered threshing floors.

Opposite Drakos it is also worth visiting the deserted settlement Dyo Prini (Two Oak Trees). A stone paved road crosses a small oak wood. Near Drakos ancient pottery has been found and it is believed that there was a settlement since ancient times. Only the church of St. Andrew is still well preserved. The architecture of Drakos and was a candidate background for filming the famous Greek series “The island”. It was not chosen because of the difficulty of access through dirt road starting from Limnes."

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