1905 "Greece - Handbook for Travellers" with maps by Baedeker - FREE ebook

"GREECE - HANDBOOK FOR TRAVELLERS" with 11 maps, 25 plans and a panorama of Athens - by Karl Baedeker was published by Leipzig in 1905.

It is available as a FREE Google ebook through the link above.


Introduction:  Practical Hints.  Modern Greek Language, Country and People, Chronological Survey, History of Art, Bibliography

1. Approaches to Greece

2. Athens

3.Excursions in Attica: The Piraeus; Salamis; Cape Sunion; Aegina

4. From Athens to Corinth via Megara

5.From Athens to Itca and Delphi by Sea

6.From Delphi to Livadia

7.From Livadia to Thebes via Helicon, Thespiae, Leuktra, and Plataea

8.From Athens to Thebes via Kithaeron

9.From Athens to Thebes by Railway, Chalkis


11.From Thebes to Dadi

12.From Thebes along the Eastern Bank of Lake Kopais to Orchomenos

13.From Livadia to Orchomenos

14.From Livadia to Lamia via Drachmani and Boudonitza Thermopylae

15.From Athens to Volo by Sea

16.From Volo to Larissa by Railway

17.From Volo to Trikkala and Kalabaka by Railway

18.From the Piraeus through the Gulf of Corinth to Patras and Mesolongion

19.Excursion to South Acarnania and Aetolia

20. Euboea

21.The Cyclades:  Syra, Kea, Thermia, Mykonos, Delos; Tenos, Andros; Paros, Naxos, Thera (Santorin), Melos

22.The Ionian Islands:  Corfu; Levkas; Kephallenia; Ithaka; Zante

23. Patras and its Environs

24.From Patras to Pyrgos and Olympia by Railway


26.From Patras to Corinth by Railway

27.Corinth and the Isthmus of Corinth

28.From Athens to Nauplia by Sea

29.From Athens to Nauplia via Aegina and Epidauros

30.From Corinth to Argos and Nauplia by Railway, Mycenae

31.Nauplia.  Tiryns.  Argos

32.From Argos (Corinth) to Tripolis (Kalamata)

33.From Tripolis to Kalavryta

34.From Athens to Kalamata by Sea via Gythelon (Sparta)

35.From Argos to Sparta via Hagios Petros

36.From Tripolis to Sparta via Tegea

37.Sparta and its Neighbourhood   (From Sparta across Tsgetos to Kalamata) (From Sparta to Gythelon)

38.From Sparta to Megalopolis

39.From Tripolis to Kalamata via Megalopolis by Railway

40.From Tripolis to Olympia via Dimitzana

41.From Megalopolis to Olympia via Karytaena and Andritsaena

42.From Andritseana to Phigalia

43.From Megalopolis to the West Coast via Lykosoura and Phigalia

44.From Pyrgos (Olympia) to Kyparissia. Samikon

45.From Patras to Kalamata by Sea

46.Kalamata and Southern Messenia (From Kalamata to Kyparissia via Pylos)

47.Excursion to Crete