Saint Demetrius of Arta Greek Orthodox Church, Arta Prefecture, Epirus Region, Greece

St. Demetrius of Arta (English translation)

"H Arta is a beautiful and picturesque city of Epirus. It is built on the ruins of ancient Amvrakias, the capital on Pyrrhus, and the Byzantine capital of Epirus, the monuments which adorn the city today.

The population of the city amounts to about 40,000 residents and church is divided into 5 parishes.

The Parish of St. Demetrios is the most central city and parish of the Church of St. Demetrios Cathedral is the Cathedral of historic Artis.

Apart from the main Cathedral of St. Demetrius, within the parish churches and three chapels, which were formerly parish churches respective parishes. Note that in the late 19 th century (when Bishop Serafim Byzantium Artis), Arta with about six thousand inhabitants had eleven parishes, custom dating from the Ottoman era and is the Community-parish system of the Ottoman era."