Book "The Greek Peasant" by McNall (75 Greek Names Mentioned in Book)

The book "THE GREEK PEASANT" by Scott G. McNall, was published in 1974 by the American Sociological Association.  

Below you will find the Table of Contents along with a list of the 75 Greek names mentioned in the book.

You can view the 75 names mentioned in this book, along with the Table of Contents below.  As I have done in the past, I borrowed this book through my local library inter-library loan program.



PART ONE - The History: Major Themes Develop I) Varnavas and Milessi in Place, (Milessi, Varnavas); II) The Villages in Time (Milessi. Varnavas. Milessi and Varnavas at War)  

PART TWO - Growing Up In A Greek Village, III) The Family, Honor, Pride and Shame (Birth. Becoming Male or Female.  Greek Values.  Changing Roles and Life Styles.  Death);  IV) School (The National Educational System.  Schools in the Villages);  V)  Family Responsibilities (Marriage.  The Dowry.  The Changing Function of the Dowry);  VI)  The Job (Daily Routines.  The Changing Seasons.  Alternatives to Farming.  Values and Jobs);  VII)  Dispensing Grace (The Priest.  Folktales and Festivals).  

PART THREE - The Village and the Larger Society;  VIII)  Village Politics and the Central Government (Church and School.  The Agricultural Committee. The Village Council.  The Village and the Courts.  The Central Government);  IX)  Mobility (Pressures to Leave.  Pressures to Stay.  The Pull of the City.  Effects of Migration);  

PART FOUR - Values in Conflict  X) The Villager Confronts the Future  (Sources of Conflict.  The Future)



Adamis, Athanasios;  Page 42

Alexandrous, Nikoli;  Pages 22, 23

Anastasion, Nikos;  Page 24

Andreades, Mrs.; Page 51

Andreades, Sophia;  Page 48

Antoni;  Page 31

Antoniades, Alexandrous;  Pages 21, 22

Antoniades, Costos;  Page 22

Antoniades, Maria;  Pages 21, 22, 23

Balokas, Andreas, Page 52

Balokas, Andreas;  Page 58, 59

Balokas, Costos;  Page 32

Balokas, Eleni;  Page 32

Balokas, George;  Page 46

Balokas, Maria;  Pages 46, 52

Balokas, Maria;  Pages 59, 69

Balokas, Paniyoites;  Pages 46, 47

Balokas, Yannis;  Page 46

Balokis;  Page 14

Cordelis;  Page 10

Dideris, Demetrios;  Page 92

Dideris, Yannis;  Page 92

Dragoumis;  Mrs.; Page 48

Hatzaghiozi;  Page 26

Hatzaivati;  Page 26

Hristofi, Anastasia;  Page 27

Hristofi, Yannisp;  Page 27

Kanellis, Michael;  Page 48

Kanellis, Michael;  Page 74

Karaghiozi;  Pages 25, 26

Katsikis, Paniyoites;  Page 42

Katsikis;  Page 63

Katski, Maria;  Page 24

Kerimis, Mrs.; Page 70

Ketzeki, Helen;  Page 14

Kousoulas, Paki;  Page 57

Krepis;  Pages 9, 13, 14

Krita, Mr.;  Page 63

Lekas;  Page 12

Lepouris, Paraskevi;  Page 43

Palamas, Eleni;  Page 22

Palamas, Marko;  Pages 22, 23

Panicides, Mrs.; Page 56

Pepalasis, Mrs.;  Page 71

Peppas, Anastasian;  Pages 85, 86

Peppas, Evangelos;  Page 86

Peppas, Mrs.;  Page 94

Peppas, Paniyoites;  Page 42

Peppas, Petrous;  Page 94

Peppas, Vassilis;  Pages 85, 86

Peppas, Yannis;  Pages 85, 86

Politi, Gina;  Page 70

Prelorentzos, Nikolaos;  Page 42

Siggros;  Pages 12, 13

Sotirou, Demetri;  Page 81

Sourapa, Maria;  Page 70

Stamos, Alexandrous;  Page 93

Stamos, Theodore;  Page 93

Stamous, Chrisoula;  Pages 39, 40, 41

Stamous, George;  Page 42

Stephanides, Adam;  Page 56

Stephanides, Anastasi;  Pages 55, 56

Stephanides, Kiki;  Page 56

Stephanides, Panos;  Pages 55, 56, 57, 61

Taktsis;  Page 6

Tourkandonis, Essidoros;  Page 42

Tsiminis, Constantine;  Page 42

Turcondonis, Mrs.;  Page 80

Turcondonis, Nicolaos;  Page 86

Turkondonis;  Pages 7, 9, 26

Vathis;  Page 12

Volgaris, Demetri;  Page 16

Volgaris, Dino;  Page 16

Volgaris, Helen;  Page 16

Voulous;  Page 12

Zolotas, Mrs.; Page 56