Photo Archive Books Online - Athens and Thessaloniki (1900-1980)

The Secretariat General of Information & Communication along with the Secretariat General of Mass Media of Greece is offering two very interesting photo archive books 1900-1980 online for FREE.  One book is on Athens, the other on Thessaloniki.

Note:  On a personal level, I LOVED looking at these books.


Athens- Photo Archive Documents

“The present volume refers to Athens and is the second in a series of publications which uses material drawn from the photo archive of the Secretariat General of Communication-Secretariat General of Information. The first volume, which was published in 2006 as a tribute to contemporary Thessaloniki, also anthologizes a number of records of this valuable photo archive.

Photographical Agencies and Photographers
Athens at the end of the 19th Century
Athens and Antiquity
The City Plan:Roads of Athens, Part A
The City Plan:Roads of Athens, Part B
The Means of Transportation
The Buildings, Part A
The Buildings, Part B
The Peoples of the City: Athenians-Life
Some days different than others

Thessaloniki - Photo Archive Documents 1900-1980

The documents from the Photo Archive of the Secretariat General of Communication – Secretariat General of Information contribute greatly to the visual art documents archive regarding modern and contemporary Thessaloniki; this is a contribution which provides significant advantages to both historical and humanitarian research. The representative material chosen consists of 114 photos, 35 of which were taken before and during the Second World War and 79 after that. Book contents:

Message of Minister of State
The Port
The Waterfront
The White Tower
The University and the Thessaloniki International Fair
The Monuments
The inner features
The Works
Chronological listing of Photographs
Location Index