Greek-American Archives housed at University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Libraries

University of Pittsburgh Libraries:

  • Archive Services Center, Guide to Selected Greek and Greek-American Resources
    • Organizations / Churches
      • American Service Institute, Pittsburgh, PA, Records, 1941-1961.
      • Greek American Progressive Association, 1952-1953.
      • Greek War Relief, Friends of Greece.
      • St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Records, 1906-1976 (restricted access).
    • Miscellaneous Publications / Pamphlets
      • American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA).
      • "Greek Orthodox Church of Pittsburgh".
      • "The History of the Order of AHEPA", 1922-1972.
      • "Karpathian Heritage.", Federation of Karpathian Socities of America, c. 1978.
      • Mantzoros, Peter N., "AHEPA and I Across the Years".
    • Related Collections
      • Ethnic Fraternal Organizations Oral History Project..
      • Hays, Samuel P., Post World War II Radical Movements Collection, Greek Report..
      • Greek Federation of the Workers of America.
    • Etc.