"The Question of Northern Epirus at the Peace Conference" by N. Cassavetes - 1919 - FREE ebook (106 Greek Names)

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by Nicholas J. Cassavetes
Edited by Carroll N. Brown

Published for the Pan-Epirotic Union of America
by Oxford University Press

Below you will find the TABLE OF CONTENTS along with a list of the 106 Greek Names mentioned in the book.


I The Epirotic Problem 
II The Albanian Propagandists And Their Arguments 
III History Of Epirus 
IV Ethnology 
V Culture 
VI Geography Of Epirus . . . . 
VII Population Of Epirus .... 
VIII Schools 
IX Economic Aspects Of The Problem . 
X Strategic Aspects 
XI Italian Ambitions 
XII Albanian Atrocities  
XIII The Epirotic Question In America And In Great Britain 
XIV The Epirotes In America . . . . 
XV Conclusion 

Appendix A 
Lecture Delivered by Colonel Murray, A.M., C.B., M.V.O., in Morley Hall, January 7, 1913, Entitled "Norllicrn Epirus in 1913." 

Appendix B 
Communication of Mr. C. S. Butler to the "Manchester Guardian" on September 30, 1914, on Northern Epirus. 

Appendix .C 
Communication to the "Daily Chronicle" of April 7, 1914, by Mr. Z. D. Ferriman, Author of "Home Life in Hellas" and "Turkey and the Turks." 

Appendix D  
Communication of the Honorable Pember Reeves, ex-Governor of New Zealand, to the "Daily Chronicle" of April 11, 1914. 

Appendix E 
Communication of the Greek Ambassador at London, J. Gennadius, to the London "Times" of April 20, 1914.



Anagnostopoulos of Zagori
Anastasopoulos, D.
Averof, George
Averoff, Native of Metsovo
Averoff, George
Bancas of Corytsa
Bangas of Korytsa
Batsaris, Spyridon
Bessios, Charalambos K.
Bitsios, Basil
Bitsios, John
Bolo, H.
Bozzaris, Marcos
Bozzi (George Bozzi family)
Caplanes of Jannina
Cassavettes, N.
Contes, N.
Cotes, N.
Danglis (General)
Danglis, Panagiotis
Ditsianis, Panagiotis
Doulis, D.
Gatsopoulos, J. (Doctor)
Gatsopoulos, K.
Gegas, Athanasios
Gegas, Eustathios
Georgitsas, Sophocles (Son of Dr. Georgitsas)
Georgitsis (Doctor)
Gionis, Stephen
Gravos, Michael
Hatzigcanna, S.
John, E.
Kaliantzes, Gregory
Kalyvas, L.
Katzalides, Stephanos
Kentros, Evangelos
Kogionas, Thomas
Kotos, Nasios
Lavares, D.
Lenas, Vasilios K.
Liolios, Elias
Louzes, Michael
Matsoulras, Char.
Mauromates, P.
Melas, Paul
Melas, Pavlos
Meliones, V.
Memos, Constantine
Memos, Spyridon
Mitchell, M.
Notti, Theodore
Ntete, Take
Papadopoulos, Savas
Papanastassios, Constantine
Petrou, Michael
Philanthropinos (Philanthropinos Brothers)
Pantos, K.
Psaida, Athanasius
Rhizos of Epirus
Sinas of Moschopolis near Korytsa
Soteriades, Elias
Soteriades, Gregorios
Stavros, George
Stournara (Native of Metsovo)
Stournaras of Metsovo
Styliares, Vassilios
Styliares, Vassil
Telios, Demeter
Tjavella, Lambros
Tjavellas, Photos
Tositsa (Native of Metsovo)
Tositsas of Jannina
Tsakas, Anastasios
Tsakas, Stavros
Tsini, Pauteli
Tsizis, Lambis
Valeras, John
Vallevos, Vasilios
Vardakas, N. C.
Vassos, Constantine
Via, Lucas
Volios, Char.
Zappa (Zappa brothers; natives of Lambovo)
Zappas, E
Zervas, Jemas
Zographos (native of Duriani near Argyrocastro)
Zographos, Ch.
Zographos, George