"Hellenism in Asia Minor" by Dieterich - 1918 - FREE ebook

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"Hellenism in Asia Minor"
by Karl Dieterich
Published for the American-Hellenic Society, New York by Oxford University Press American Branch, New York - 1918

I have transcribed the Greek Names mentioned in the book and the Table of Contents.

Acominatos, Nicetas
Attaliates, Michael
Callimachos, Demetrios
Comnenos, Alexios
Comnenos, Anna
Comnenos, David
Comnenos, John
Comnenos, Manuel
Gabras, Constantine
Gabras, Gregory
Gabras, Theodore
Ghidus, Andronikus
Gregoras, Nicephoros
Kalogiannes, John
Pachymeres, Georgius
Palaeologina, Irene
Palaeologus, Constantine
Psellus, Michael
Roussos, George
Verenikis, Demetrios
Voicly, Constantine

Title Page; 
A Survey of Hellenism in Asia Minor;          
Preface by Theodore P. Ion, D.C.L.;  
Hellenism in Asia Minor;  
Hellenic Pontus - A Resume of its History by Demosthenes H. Oeconomides;  
American-Hellenic News;  
Speech of Goerge Roussos, The Minister of Greece;  
Objects of the Society - “American-Hellenic Society”