"Greek Peddler Killed in a Quarrel" article - Chicago Daily Tribune, August 27, 1893

Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune, August 27, 1893

Pietro Corollis Is Shot by One of His
Companions in Drinking

Pietro Corollis, a Greek, 19 years old, was shot and killed in a quarrel among a number of fruit peddlers at No. 817 Milwaukee avenue last night.  The house is a tenement crowded with Greek and Italian peddlers.  A number of boys were drinking in the basement late in the night.  An officer passing by heard a shot, and, on entering, fell over the body of Pietro Corollis, who had a bullet wound in the head.  He died on the way to the hospital.  Four boys who were in the room are locked up at the West North Avenue Station.  They are:  Peter Bendromio, 17 years old;  Theodore Dinea, 15;  John Dinea, 11, and Juan Corollis, 10.  It is not known who fired the shot.