"When I Was a Boy in Greece" by George Demetrios, published 1913 - FREE ebook

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By George Demetrios
Edited by John A. Huybers

Published by Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, Boston - 1913


CHAPTER I: Introductory. 
Where I Take the Liberty of Pleading for My Own Language 

CHAPTER II: A Macedonian Forest. 
Our Forest —The Country Village —The Vlachs — Country People 

CHAPTER III: Early Years, And School. 
Early Years — Turkish Brigands — Grammar School —The Candles —A Sunday Walk — Our Teacher 

CHAPTER IV: The Klephts .... 

CHAPTER V: Village Life .... 

CHAPTER VI: Customs. 

CHAPTER VH: School Celebration . . 

CHAPTER VIII: Winter - Evening Stories 

CHAPTER IX: Death Of My Grandfather 

CHAPTER X: An Historical Chapter. 
Insurrection and Declaration of Independence, 1821 — Murder of the Patriarch — Massacres— Dr. Samuel G. Howe — His Description of the Massacre of Chios — Kanaris and His Fire-Ships 

CHAPTER XI: The Disturbed State Of Macedonia. 
Race Feuds — The " Comitadjis " and the " Andarte " — Greek and Bulgarian Bands — Turks at War with Both 

CHAPTER XII: At Naoussa And Vodena. 
Proclamation of Liberty, and Constitution 

CHAPTER XIII: The " Young Turks," And The Taking Of Constantinople . . 

George Demetrios ....
Greek Shepherd And His Flock ...
Greek Mountain Village
The Way The Turkish Lady Looked . .
A Macedonian Village
Greek Boy Arrested For Presenting A Petition To The Sultan