389 Names - Book "Growing Up Greek in St. Louis"

The Book “GROWING UP GREEK IN ST. LOUIS”, authored by Aphrodite Matsakis, Ph.D., was published in 2002 by Arcadia Publishing.  

I was able to obtain a copy through my local library’s Inter-library Loan Program, you can do the same, or purchase a copy from various vendors.  If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, you will be able to read the book for free.  

Below you will find a description of the book, the Table of Contents, and a list of 389 names included in the book.


"Since the beginning of the 20th century, St. Louis' Greek-American community has been a vibrant part of the city's fabric. Through a series of vivid personal accounts of growing up in two worlds during the post-WWII era, Growing Up Greek in St. Louis explores the challenges faced by Greek-Americans as they sought to preserve a rich cultural heritage while assimilating to American ways.
From a detailed account of her Grandmothers' struggles during the occupation of Greece during WWII and the Asia Minor Holocaust to the first hand experiences faced by Greek-American children in Greek school, the celebration of name days, and the ever-present "evil eye," the book captures the sense of tradition, history, hospitality (philotimo), and community so vital to the Greek experience."



1.  From Karpathos to St. Louis
2.  Shake, Rattle, and Roll
3.  The Double House
4.  Those Greek School Blues
5.  An Old Fashioned Greek Christmas
6.  'Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death'
7.  The Grandmothers in Black
8.  Goodbye Sweet Dreams
9.  To Fast or Not To Fast
10.  How I Got to Go to College



Afentoulis, Steve
Alsan, Valasia
Anagnos, Rego
Anagnos, Steven
Anagnos, Theodora
Andraethou, Mrs.
Andrews, Nicky
Andrews, Presbytera
Andrews, Rev. Constantine
Angelides, Father
Angelides, Rev. Erineos
Annas, Gerasimos
Annas, Rev. G. P.
Antonopouous, Alex
Apostalakis, Father C.
Apostolakis, Harry
Apostolakos, Apostolon
Argeropoulos (Auger), Afendula
Argeropoulos (Auger), Charilaos
Argyries, Harry
Ashford, Nick
Ashford, Robert
Ashford, Ted
Ashford, Theodore
Ashford, Venette nee Askounes
Ashford, Vennette
Aslan, Valasia
Athanasidadis, Patty
Balaskas, Manolis
Bamvakis, Bob
Barkulis, Louise
Bellos, Despina
Bendas, Nick
Bitas, John
Bogdanos, Rence Tompras
Bolis, Alex
Bollis, Evreklea
Boudis, Maritsa
Boudoures, Mary
Boudoures, Mr.
Bouras, Demetrios
Bouras, Pete J.
Bradley, Linda
Bude, Pitsa
Caldbeck, Diane Anagnos
Caporal, Gloria
Caputo, Maria
Caro, Pat
Carras, George
Cassimatis, Andrew
Cassimatis, Emmanuel
Cassimatis, Petros
Cassis, William
Cavanava, Elaine (Smyrniotis)
Cherikos, Thomas G. Jr.
Chiapel, Kathryne
Chiapel, Pipina
Chronopoulos, Sophia
Cicizios, Michael
Constantinides, Evangeline
Constantinides, Jennie
Constantinides, Nicholas
Constantinides, Platon
Constantinides, Stephen
Coucouzes, Rev. Iakovos
Coukoulis, Gus
Critzas, Evangelos
Dafinides, Tina (Athena)
Dafnides, Antigoni
Dafnides, Christopher
Dafnides, Dina
Dafnides, Elpida
Dafnides, Tina
Dafnides, Tom
Damos, Peter
Daoukas, Thomas
Demetrakis, Freida
Dendrinelis, Alex
Despotis, George
Despotis, Ioanna
Despotis, Kostantinos
Despotis, Olga
Despotis, Yanni
Dido, Andrea (Katasinas)
Dillas, William
Dimitriades, Vasiliki
Dimpappas, Bess
Dimpappas, George
Dokos, Evthimos
Dokos, Helen
Dountas, Maria
Douros, Ann W.
Ellis, Gregory
Ellis, Lewis
Entenman, Annette (Vernados)
Ermogenis, Rev. Panagiotis
Fotinos, Bill
Fotinos, Chris
Frangoulis, George
Furla, Jerry
Furla, Mrs. John
George, George T.
Georgen, Nick
Georges, Chris
Geranios, Rev. John
Ghelis, Gregory A.
Gianis, Ted
Gilmore, Theonie Kollias
Ginos, Anne
Glynias, Joseph
Glynias, Olympia
Glynias, Stefan
Golfinopoulos, Louis (Elias)
Gorman, Aphrodite
Gorman, Sophia
Gounarides, Christ
Gregory, Father Nicholas
Grivas, Yota
Hadgianastasiou, Despena
Hapsis, Yianni (John)
Hatzipapas, Chrisanthos
Hilakos, Peter
James, Androniki
James, Connie
James, Dorothy
James, Kalliroi
James, Sevaste
Jameson, John
Janis, Ted
Jannopoulo, Aphrodite
Jannopoulo, Demetrius
Jimpopoulos, Sam C.
Kaffenzakis, Despena
Kaffenzakis, Theopi
Kamakas family
Kantis, Peggy
Kantzavelos, Reverend Deacon Dimitrios
Kapogiannis, Constantine
Karagiannis, George
Karakas, Achillea
Karakas, Nicholas
Karakas, Sohia (Peppes)
Karaklas, Kika
Karas, Peter
Karkazis, Constantine
Kastanas, Andrew
Kastanas, John G.
Katinas, Gus
Katinas, Maria
Katsaris, Peter
Katsiktis, Dionysios
Katsinas, Peter
Kavouras, Demetrios
Kavouras, Father
Kiortses, Marika
Kollias, Steve
Kontominas, Michael
Koronis, Alexandra
Koronis, George
Koukoulis, Gus
Koutsioukis, Helen Zouglas
Kritselis, Konstantinos
Lappas, James
Laskaras, Anita
Lazanas, Mary
Lee, Steffie Pulos
Lemakis, Athena
Levadioti, Constantine
Levadioti, Kalliroi
Liakopoulos, Rev. Constantine
Liyeos, Aristomenis
Lockos, George N.
Mackris, Helen
Magafas, Andrew G.
Magafas, Elenio
Magafas, James Andrew
Magafas, Kay
Magafas, Marie
Magafas, Otis
Magdalin, Esther Coukoulis
Maggina, Maria
Makos, Kathy
Manetas, Pete
Manos, George
Maragos, Fay
Martin, Christ
Martin, Theodore
Mastorakos, Mary Ann Leontsinis
Mastrantonis, Father George
Matsakis, Antigone
Matsakis, Aphrodite, Ph.D.
Matsakis, Christopher
Matsakis, Constantine
Matsakis, Demetrios
Matsakis, Demetrios K.
Matsakis, Demetrios N.
Matsakis, Elias
Matsakis, Joanne
Matsakis, Kalliroi
Matsakis, Nicholas
Matsakis, Nicholas D.
Matsakis, Nicholas E.
Matsakis, Sophia
Matsakis, Sophia nee Vozos
Matsakis, Steve
Matsakis, Theodora
Matsakis, Victoria Lucas
McDermott, Gregory
Meletio, George
Mertis, ?
Messengill, Thomas B.
Michas, Johnny
Milonas, Fotis
Milonas, John
Milonas, Kathyrne
Milonas, Marie
Milonas, Paraskevi
Mirras, Cynthia
Mirras, Ida
Moseley, Cynthia Smyrniotis
Mylonas, Professor George
Nanos, George
Newton, Evangeline Vlanton
Nicholas, James
Nicholas, John
Nicholas, Steve
Nicozisin, Rev. George
O’Driscoll family
Panages, Helen
Panos, Louis
Papadiemas, Louis
Papageorge, Elias
Papageorge, Louis
Papageorge, Mary Vozos
Papageorge, Theodora
Papageorge, William N.
Pappademmas, Freda
Pappademos, Antigoni
Pappademos, Louis
Pappademos, Olga
Pappademos, Sophia
Pappas, Cleanthis
Pappas, George
Pappas, Irene
Pappas, Kathleen
Papulis, Fr. Doug
Paspalas family
Paspalas, George
Paspalas, Philip
Pathenos, Gus
Patrinacos, Rev. Nicon
Patsos, Tsambika
Pediake, Margetta
Pelican, Catherine
Pelican, George
Pelican, Irene
Pelican, Jim
Pelican, Katharine
Pelican, Maria
Peppes, Martha
Peppes, Sophia
Petrakis, Rev. Mark
Petriddes, Chrissa
Petrides, Mary
Phiambolis, Rev. Panageotis
Pilafas, Michael
Pitleangas, Angelo
Plesons, William
Plessons, John
Plessons, Tula
Politos, Nick
Potsos, Maria
Potsos, Michael
Potsos, Tsampika
Poulakida, Mrs. George
Poulakidas, Georgia
Poulis, Helen
Poulis, Tom
Prousianos, Rev. Theodore
Rallis, Andrew
Rallis, Dean
Regas, John
Riley, Andrew
Rossides, Eugene
Sakellarides, Aphrodite
Sakellarides, Elias
Sakellarides, Frank
Sakellarides, George
Sakellarides, Rego
Sakellarides, Theodore
Sarantakis, Chris
Sarantakis, Peter
Savakis, Marianthe
Savas, Irene
Scambilis, Sevasti
Scarato, Magdalena
Scarato, Theodora
Scarato, Theodora Magdalena Sophia
Scouras brothers
Sevastianos, Sophia (Kiriakos)
Sever, Elaine Nanos
Simonides, Anastasios
Simonides, Athena
Smyrniotis family
Smyrniotis, Anastasia
Smyrniotis, Chris
Smyrniotis, Fotis
Smyrniotis, Frank
Souris family
Souris, Anastasios (Tom)
Souris, Demetrios
Souris, James
Souris, John
Souris, Kathryne
Souris, Mary Katherine
Souris, Minas
Souris, Peter
Souris, Viola
Spanos, Mary
Spelliotis, Nicholas
Spyropoulos, Rev. Theophilos
Stamelos, George
Stamelos, Maria
Stamulis, George
Stargas, Angelo
Steckler, Steve
Stergen, Despena
Stergos, Harry S.
Strousser, Penelope
Strzelecki, Joseph
Sturgis family
Svolopoulos, Margaret (Katsinas)
Symrniotis, Tasia
Syrigos, Irene
Syrigos, Simon
Tharenos, Dorothy
Thavorides, Alex
Thavorides, Anthony
Thavorides, Elizabeth
Thavorides, George
Thavorides, James
Thavorides, Nicholas
Thavorides, Olga
Theodore, Jeannette
Theodorou, Bessie
Thomas, Tom
Tomaras, Chrysoula Katsoulis
Tomocras, Peter
Tompras, Magdalene
Toscas, Maria Tompras
Triantafilou, Maria
Tsichlis, George
Tsichlis, Mary
Tsichlis, Peter
Tsimines, Tom
Tulumba, Tina
Vainikos, Father Dimitri
Vainikos, Rev. Demetrios
Vangelos, James
Vassely, Penelope
Vassely, Theodore
Vellios, James G.
Vernados family
Vernados, Ann
Vernados, John
Visos, John
Visos, Viola
Vlanton family
Vlanton, Elias
Vlanton, Elias, Jr.
Vlanton, Evangeline
Vlanton, Jennie
Vlanton, Jennie (Constantinides)
Volaitis, Constantine
Vozos, Anna Protopappas
Vozou (Konstantinides), Kalitsa (Kalliroi)
Walters, Mollie
Wehrman, Paula Nakis
White, Elaine Kontominas
Wright, Constance Saganis
Xenos, Anna
Zeece, Alexander
Zeris, Akrino
Zeris, Konstantinos
Zotos, George
Zotos, William
Zouglas, Helen
Zouglas, Mickey

Zoumbas, Jim