IN THE NEWS - 1904 - Vervainon Greek Society, Chicago, Illinois

Greek Star -- September 30, 1904
Vervainon Greek Society to All Vervainiotes in America

We the undersigned, of the Vervainon Greek Society of Chicago, appeal to all native sons of Vervaina to contribute their share toward the building of a new church in the town where we first saw the light of day.
We further inform you that the Chicago Vervainon Society has already on hand $3,710 collected from its members in Chicago, and since the proposed church will cost $12,000, according to the plans that we have received, every native son is urgently requested to contribute generously to the fund. All contributions should be sent to the mother-lodge of the Society in Chicago.
N. I. Bouzos, President
D. G. Creticos, Secretary
Vervainon Greek Society, 404 South Halsted Street.
Chicago, Illinois.