IN THE NEWS - 1904 - Greek Abducts His Sweetheart

Greek Star -- April 22, 1904
Greek Abducts His Sweetheart

Michael Kollires, a robust, handsome Greek, is in love, and he does not give a whoop about social or political rules and laws.
Because his sweetheart is young, and her parents object to matrimony, the young swain went to 1609 Wabash Avenue (Chicago, Illinois), the residence of his beloved, and lifting her up like a baby dashed out of the house to a waiting carriage, and off he went with his heart's desire, whistling hymns to his Grecian gods, who were on his side in the hour of need.
Of course such love-comedy may be all right in his native land, where his Grecian gods have their domain and can assist their demi-god swains to carry off pretty damsels, but America is not ruled by these Olympian deities, who also at intervals participated in similar escapades. The indignant Greek was arrested, and Margarita Mallory, a blue-eyed and golden-haired beauty, was taken away from young Michael's strong and loving hands.
Undoubtedly the Greek, in his cell awaiting the arrangement of $1,000 bail, thinks, "What barbarians Americans are!" - especially the unsympathetic guardians of this odd American law, who unceremoniously snatched his sweetheart away from him.