545 Names - Book "Atlanta Greeks: an early history"

The Book “ATLANTA GREEKS; an early history”, authored by Stephen P. Georgeson, was published in 2015 by The History Press, Charleston, SC.  

I was able to obtain a copy through my local library’s Inter-library Loan Program, you can do the same, or purchase a copy from various vendors.  If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, you will be able to read the book for free.  

Below you will find a description of the book, the Table of Contents, and a list of 545 names included in the book.

By 1890, the first Greek immigrants to Atlanta had settled into an area still widely populated by Confederate veterans. In a city without the large immigrant presence common in the nation's major urban areas, the Greeks were initially received as undesirable visitors by the state's and city's leaders. While the Greek Orthodox Church of Atlanta endured financial hardship, it continued to aid funerals, hospitals and orphanages. These Greeks moved from the city’s streets as fruit vendors into more established businesses. Christ Gyfteas’s fruit stand at the corner of Broad and Marietta became the California Fruit Company. By 1911, 40 percent of Greeks were proprietors or partners in a variety of businesses like cafes, restaurants, soda fountains and groceries. Author Stephen Georgeson explores the Greek immigrant’s experiences in their first three decades in Atlanta.

Notes on Names and Sources
Chapter 1 – The Immigrant Departs
Chapter 2 – The Confederate Legacy
Chapter 3 – The Reception
Chapter 4 – The Atlanta Race Riot
Chapter 5 – Fruit Stand Men
Chapter 6 – Atlanta Shuts Down the Stands
Chapter 7 – Immigrant as Entrepreneur
Chapter 8 – Immigrant Self-Identity and Self-Image
Chapter 9 – The Patrida:  Dual Allegiances
Chapter 10 – Faith
Chapter 11 – Establishment of the Church
Chapter 12 – Organization of the Church
Chapter 13 – The Church Grows and a School Opens
Chapter 14 – Westview and Greenwood Cemeteries
Chapter 15 – The Rise of the Ku Klux Klan

Appendix 1 – Greek Immigrants Listed in the 1896 Local City of Atlanta Census
Appendix 2 – Greek Immigrants Listed as Residing in Atlanta in the 1900 United States Federal Census
Appendix 3 – Atlanta Greek Immigrants Petitioning for Naturalization in Fulton County Superior Court prior to 1907
Appendix 4 – Incorporation Document of The Evangelismos Society
Appendix 5 – Atlanta Greek Immigrants Featured as Business Owners and Managers in Dio Adallis’s 1912 Greek Merchants Reference and Business Guide
Appendix 6 – The September 1905 Letter from the Church Council to Ecumenical Patriarch Joachim III
Appendix 7 – The Defense of Father Constas Hadjidemetriou Presented at the General Assembly Meeting on August 27, 1908
Appendix 8 – Chanters of the Atlanta Greek Orthodox Church, 1906-1917
Appendix 9 – Church Councils of the Atlanta Greek Orthodox Church, 1906-1917
Appendix 10 – Presidents of the Greek Orthodox Church Councils, 1906-1917
Appendix 11 – Westview Cemetery Register for Greeks Buried in Section 8 and God’s Acre, 1901-1914
Appendix 12 – Financial Contributors to The Atlanta Greek Orthodox Church as Listed in the Church’s Treasury Book from June 1906 - June 1907

About the Author

Excerpt from NOTES ON NAMES AND SOURCES section of the book:
“The only consistency regarding the surnames of these first Greek immigrants is inconsistency.  The immigrant would typically maintain his Greek surname, written in the Greek language, within the community of his family and compatriots.  Some would also adopt on occasion an English transliteration of the name for use in a broader community setting.  Others would abandon this effort altogether and simply adopt more typical American-sounding names as their official surnames, in addition to continuing to use their original Greek surnames within their family or church communities.  The 1910 federal census lists nineteen Greek immigrants who had adopted “Brown” as a surname.  Many would simultaneously use different English versions of their names, depending on the situation.  Vasileios Efthimiou, one of the early leaders of the Greek immigrants assumed “E. Basil” as the name by which he presented himself to the broader Atlanta community.”

“Contrary to popular misconception, surnames were not changed by officials upon the immigrant’s entry into the country at Ellis Island or other ports.  The surnames of arriving immigrants were recorded by officials just as they had been entered on the manifests prepared by the shipping lines.  The image of non-comprehending immigration officials arbitrarily assigning American surnames to arriving immigrants is unfounded.  The overwhelming majority of later surname changes were the result of voluntary actions by the immigrants.”


Adallis, Dio
Akers, James
Alapandis, Panagiotis
Alexander, James
Alexander, Pete
Alexandrou, Demetrios
Alexiou, Charles
Alexiou, Konstantinos
Algers, Gerasimos
Allesbut, D.
Anagnostopoulos, Theodoros
Anastopoulos, Diomides
Angelopoulos, Andreas
Angelopoulos, Father Christos
Angelopoulos, Olga
Antoniou, Charles
Antoniou, Eustratios
Antoniou, Stelios
Antoniou, Stylianos
Antonopoulos, George
Antonopoulos, Ioannis
Antonopoulos, John
Apostolopoulos, Dionysios
Apostolopoulos, Panos
Athanasopoulos, Andreas
Athanasopoulos, Constantine
Athanasopoulos, Panagiotis
Athanasopoulos, Vasileios
Avgerinos, Mr.
Avrotis, Christos
Bachus, John
Badalias, John
Bakaliaros, Archimandrite Dorotheos
Bakas, Andrew
Baker, Andrew
Bamboos, Charles
Baraklis, John
Barbour, Peter
Barros, Dionysios
Basil, E. (Vasilios Efthimiou)
Basil, Pete
Begesiotis, Ioannis
Bekakas / Bikukas, John
Bekaks, John
Berry, Andrew
Berry, Arthur
Bieras, Anastasios
Bitsakis, P.
Bitsaktzes, Athanasios
Bitsaxis, Athanasios
Bitsaxis, Athanasios & Theodoros (surname aka Brown)
Blatsos, And.
Blatsos, Georgios
Blatzos, George
Blatzos, Georgios
Blatzos, Gregoris
Blatzos, Konstantinos
Bolas, Vict
Bonsabe, George
Botsaris, Evangelos
Boukatelis, Demetrios
Bouloukas, Giannoula
Bouras, Sam
Boutos, Anastasios
Boutos, Constantine
Breuze, George
Brown, Charles
Brown, Denis
Brown, George L.
Brown, J.
Brown, James
Brown, Jim
Brown, John
Brown, Peter
Brown, Theodore
Brown, Victor
Brown, Xenopher
Cacarountas, Andreas
Cacarountas, Leonidas
Caltis, George
Campbell, Leon
Canares, Victor
Caralee, Alice
Caralee, Alison
Caralee, George
Caralee, Mary
Caralee, Pano
Caralie, George
Caralie, Pete
Carlos, Chris
Carolee, Alex
Carolee, Alexander
Carolee, George
Carolee, Pano
Carolee, Pete
Carter, Alice
Carter, Mary
Chakopoulos, Athanasios
Charalambides, Constantine
Charalambides, Constantinos
Charalambidis, C.
Chlovitis, Harry
Chotas, Dionisia
Chotas, Eli
Chotas, Matthew
Chotas, Nick
Chotas, Nicko
Christopoulos, Charalambos
Christopoulos, Minas
Christou, Anastasios
Cochakos, Christ
Colias, George
Collias, Charles
Conomo, Michael
Constandopoulos, D.
Constantine, Antigone
Constantine, B.
Constantine, C.
Constantine, Cris
Constantine, K.
Constantine, Mrs.
Constantine, Sappho
Constantine, Victor
Constantinides, Father Panos
Constas, Father
Cosdallas / Costalas, Constantine
Costovos, James
Cotsakis, Christos
Cotsovas, James
Dagres, Andreas
Danikas, Panagiotis
Daravingos, Costa
Daules, Dem.
Deligiannis, Kyriakos
Demetery, Dion
Demetracopoulos, James
Demetrakopoulos, Demetrios
Demetriou, J.
Demetry, Father
Demopoulos, Angelo
Denezakos, Theodoros
Dgorezos, Christos
Diangelis, Demetrios
Dilplaris, Ioannis
Dollis / Katsoulas, G.
Drakopoulos, Konstantinos
Drasas, John
Drasus, Mark
Economy, George
Economy, George V.
Edwards, Cleo Janoulis
Efthimiou, Vasileios (E. Basil)
Eikonomopoulos, I.
Ellin, Gust
Elson, George
Eustathiou, Georgios
Eustratios, Kourios
Euthymiou, Vasileios
Evangelinos / Evangelos, Thomas
Farmakis, Mary
Forlidas, John
Fort, Jim
Fotopoulos, Dionysios
Fotopoulos, Ioannis
Fotou, Dionis
Foufas, Vasseleios
Fourlides, Ioannis
Fourlides, Nicholaos
Frank, T.
Galiatzos, Pete
Garitza brothers
Gatzanis, Vasileios
George, Andreas
George, F.
Georgiades, S. J.
Georgiades, Sotirios
Georgiou, Theofanis
Georgopoulos brothers
Geraketes, Victor
Geramides, Charles
Gerasanos, Nick
Gialelis, Stavros
Gialelis, Steve
Giambanis, Athanasios
Gickas, George
Gickas, Jean
Girangas, Panagiotis
Gogias, Vasileios
Goulimis, Augustis
Goulimis, Ioannis
Gounaris, Theofanis
Gounaris, Theofanis Georgiou
Gouras, Georgios
Goutos, Andreas
Grammatikopoulos, George & Panos (surname aka Brown)
Grammatikopoulos, Georgios
Greek George “World famous wrestler”
Gregorakis, Georgios
Gregoropoulos, Nicholaos
Gregory, G. S.
Grigarchulos, Nick
Grilas, Anastasios
Gyfteas, Christ
Hadjidemetriou, Father Constans
Hadjidemetriou, George
Hadjidemetriou, Kalomira nee Maniates
Handelis, Chrysoula
Handelis, Constantinos
Handelis, D.
Handelis, John
Handelis, Konstantinos
Hangrioannis, George
Hanjaras, Christ
Hanjaras, Constantinos
Hanjaras, John
Hanjaras, Nick
Hantzaras, Demetrios
Hantzaras, Nicholaos
Hantzaras, Theodoros
Harharides, G.
Hatzopoulos, Evangelos
Hozzepolos, Evangelos
Iliakopoulos, Demosthenes
Iliakopoulos, L.
Iliakopoulos, Nicholaos
James, Nick
Kake, Charles
Kakouriotis, Petro & Victor (surname aka Brown)
Kallianos, Petros
Kalopothakes, Reverend
Kalovedouris, Demetrios
Kalovedouris., Angelis
Kanakopoulos, V.
Kanellas, Father Kallinikos
Kanelleas, Konstantinos
Kanellos, Costa
Kapouralis, Georgios
Karachalios, Christos
Karachouras, Konstantinos
Karagianni, Constandina
Karagianni, Constantina
Karalis, Georgios
Karalis, Panagiotis
Karalis, Stylianos
Karatas, Konstantinos
Katsoulas, Vasileios
Kavouras, Ilias
Keramidas, Charles
Kimbouropoulos, Georgios
Kimbouropoulos, Petros
Kiousis, Athanasios
Klamarias, Aristomenis
Kokotzis, Nicholaos
Kolikoniaris, Michael
Kollias, Mike
Kolyvanis, Demetrios
Konstantinopoulos, Charalambos
Konstantopoulos, Demetrios
Konts, Nicholas
Koriopoulos, Georgios
Koromilas, Lambros 
Kotsakos, Christos
Kouloukis, Georgios
Kouloukis, Nicholaos
Kouloukis, Nicholas
Kouloukis, Nicholas G.
Koundourelis, Eustratios
Kourlabas, Panagiotis
Kourogiannopoulos, Pano
Koutroulis, Alexandros
Krantz, Jake
Kutres, Nic
Kutres, Nicholaos
Kutres, Nicholas
Kylikas, Georgios
Kyriakopoulos, Kyriakos
Kyriakopoulos, Leonidas
Kyriakopoulos, Theodoros
Kyriakopoulou, Angeliki
Ladas brothers
Lambrides, Calliope nee Pilledes
Lambrides, Father Basil
Lambrides, Helen
Lambrides, Maria
Lambrides, Roxani
Lambrinos, Demetrios
Lazaris, Andreas
Leres, Charles
Liapis, Christos
Liapis, Panagiotis
Liappes, Christ
Linardos, Alexandros
Lingo, W. L.
Louis, Konstantinos
Louis, Peter
Louizos, Pete
Louizou brothers
Lysandros, Panagiotis
Macedon, George
Magritis, Vasileios
Makris, Constantinos
Makris, Konstantinos
Malevy, Jim
Mallas, George
Mallas, Nick
Mamos, Harry
Manedakis, Nikolaos
Manglaras, Ioannis
Manos, Andreas
Manos, Demetrios
Manos, James
Manos, Jim
Manos, Vasileios
Manou, Kalliopi
Mantis, L. A.
Margaritis, Minas
Market, Charles
Matrangas/Matrangos, Christ
Matrangos, Christos
Matrangos, Nicholaos
Matrangos, Nicholas
Matrangos, Nick
Matsoulas, Demetrios
Mavroodis, George
Memos / Manos, Georgios
Mennias, G.
Mennias, J. V.
Messarchos, Ioannis
Metropapas, George
Michalakakis, Demos
Milias, Andreas
Misombis, Nicholaos
Mitchell, Angel
Mitchell, Chris
Mitchell, George
Mitchell, James
Mitchell, Jassiar
Mitchell, Jim
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, Pete
Mitchell, Robert
Mitchell, Victor
Mitropapas, Evangelos
Mitropapas, Georgios
Mitsanis, Panagiotis
Mitsanis, Petros
Molias, Nicholaos
Moore, Crist
Moore, George
Moore, John
Moore, Mihles
Moore, Nick
Moore, Paul
Moore, Pete
Mooroodis, George
Moukios, Angelis
Moundreas, Demetrios
Moundreas, Memis
Moutzopoulos, Christ
Muhler, John – Greek Wrestler
Nekas, John
Nickas, Nick
Nikas, George
Nikas, Ioannis
Nikas, John
Pagonas, James
Panagakopoulos, Angreas
Panagopoulos, A.
Pandovolos, Georgiou
Pantazopoulos, Demetrios
Papadakis, Demetrios
Papademetropoulos, Nicholas
Papademetropoulos, Nikolaos (Nick Pope)
Papadimitrakopoulou, Miss.
Papadimitriou, Ioannis
Papadopoulos, Andreas
Papadopoulos, Panagiotis
Papageorgakopoulos, Georgios
Papageorgakopoulos, Georgios (George Moore)
Papagiannis, Georgios
Papanastasiou, Georgios
Papanikolopoulos, Nikitas
Papanikolopoulos, Panagiotis
Papas, Alex
Papastathopoulos, Panag.
Papoutsalaras, Georgios
Pappas, Pete
Pappas, Phil
Pappas, Tom
Paraskevopoulos, Nicholas
Patapis, Georgios
Pefanes, Nick
Pefanis, Demetrios
Pefanis, Georgios
Pefines family
Pefinis, George
Pendovolas, Dionysios
Pergantes, Stephen
Pergantis, S.
Petrides, (Father) Demetrios
Petrople, Constantine
Petropol, Peter
Petropol, Vacell
Petropoulos, Georgios
Petropoulos, V.
Petroulas, Ioannis
Petroutzis, Konstantinos
Pheles, Argyr
Pheles, Argyre
Philaretos, J.
Photopoulos, Demetrios
Pistolimou, N.
Polychronas, Dionysios
Polychronopoulos, Demetrios
Poolos, Pete
Pope, Jim
Pope, N. I,
Pope, N. N.
Pope, Nick
Pope, Soterios
Potagos, Pete
Poulo, James
Poulos, Charles
Poulos, George
Poulos, James
Poulos, John
Pouris, George
Pournanas, Nicholaos
Pournaras, Athanasios
Praktikakis, Michael
Prates, Athen
Pratis, Georgios
Prattes, Athan
Prattes, George
Prattes, J.
Prattis, Athanasios
Pratts, Tom
Preles, Victor K.
Prylis, Vasileios
Psadourakis, Thomas
Psaras, Vasileios
Psaros, D.
Psaroudakis, Demetrios
Psaroudakis, Dimitris
Psaroundakis, D.
Psychalinos, Stephanos
Psychalinou, Eirini
Pullos, Niklas, 
Sallas, Angel
Saravakos, Nicholaos
Sardelis, Eustathios
Seimenis, Georgios
Sellas, Angle
Serafeimides, Ioakim
Seretis, Miltiades
Siasas, G. Iosyf
Sirmakezis, Ioannis
Sirmas, John
Sivilas, Nicholaos
Skamentos, Demetrios
Skandalis, Vasileios
Skandangos, Nicholaos
Smerles, Angel
Solon, George
Solon, Nicholas
Soteriou, Vasilios
Soteropoulos, Angel
Sotiropoulos, Stavros
Soules, Sam
Souranis, Dionisios
Spanogiannis, Vasileios
Speropoulos, Nick
Spon, Nicholas
Spyropoulos, Athanasios
Spyropoulos, Nicholaos
Spyropoulos, Panagiotis
Stalimeros, Ioannis
Stamos, Speros
Stavropoulos, John
Stephanides, V.
Stephanopoulos / Stefinies, Andrew
Stephens, Orestes T.
Stephens, P.
Stroumboulis, G.
Syrmas, Ioannis
Teodorakopoulos, Konstantinos
Themelis, George
Themistoklis, Evangelos
Theodosiou, Michael
Theodosiou, Vasoulis
Theoharis, Georgios
Theoklitos, Metropolitan
Thomas, Dernus
Tountas, Nicholaos
Tountas, Nicholas
Tountas, Nikolaos
Travelos, Maria
Tripose, P.
Tsakopoulos, Thanos
Tsamouklas, Georgios
Tsatas, Elias
Tsouraklas, Ioannis
Tsouroulas, Georgios
Tsousis, Christos
Tziroulas, Demetrios
Vachliotis, Christos
Vafeiades, Dimitri
Valeras, Anastasios
Valliotis, Ioannis
Valwals, Jaues
Vardouniotes, John
Varellas, John
Varellas, Paul
Varles, Paul
Vasileiou, Konstantinos
Velis, Georgios
Velis, Vasileios
Venias, Georgios
Vergheotes, Myte
Vergios, Andreas
Vergiotis, Panagiotis
Vergiotis, Pete
Vergiotis, Pete
Vergiotis, St.
Visvardis, Dionysios
Vlachos, Demetrios
Voulgaris, George
Vryonis, Dr. S.J.B.
Vryonis, Dr. Spero G.
Vryonis, Speros
Vryonis, Spyros
Williams, Jim
Xenides, Reverend J. P.
Zakas, D.
Zakas, Dionysios
Zakas, Vasileios
Zervas, Ilias
Zervis, Georgios
Zervis, Panagiotis
Zuzulas, Alex A.