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"This site puts more than 8 million articles from California newspapers dating from 1846 to the present at your fingertips.  Place quotation marks around a name to search for it as an exact phrase.

"Tip:  In addition to searching for your ancestors' names on collaborative "memory" or "digital archives" websites, try the places where they lived and other topics associated with their lives, such as schools, churches, military units, occupations, industries and ethnic groups." - Family Tree Magazine, December 2015, page 17.

Note:  I did a search on the term Greek American and received results for 182 articles - a search using "Greek American" resulted in 62 articles.

The results include announcements for organizations like the Greek American Republican Club in San Francisco from 1900; the Greek American Club to Promote Economy in Sacraments from 1916; the A.A.U. Wrestling Titles article from 1916; Greek Citizens to Parade on Fourth 1919; World's Weight Lifting Record is Established 1914, etc.

The results also included an article from the Healdsburg Tribune in 1943 - reference photograph above - HUNDREDS OFFER HOME TO SOLDIER'S WAIFS - "Their father is In the army and their mother is ill in the South, so the four bright-eyed brothers pictured at top were waiting at the Children’s Aid society in New York for someone to give them a home until their parents can come back. Hundreds responded to their plea expressed via a newspaper. Among them was William G. Helis, millionaire oil man shown at bottom. Helis is a Greek-American who has contributed over $1,000,000 to Greek war relief."

Advertisements:  example below for the GREEK AMERICAN CANDY KITCHEN, in Santa Rosa, California - proprietor A. Cokales, published 1907 in the Press Democrat

If you're family is from California, Have Fun!  Don't forget the search tips quoted above.