IN THE NEWS - 1904 - The Society of Tripolitans

Greek Star -- August 19, 1904
The Society of Tripolitans

The native sons of historic Tripolis believe in organization as the only means of promoting their interests here in their adopted country and the interests of the country which they left behind.
After the announcement made last week all the Tripolitans of Chicago assembled and founded the Society of the Tripolitans. The following officers were elected:
Attorney Andrew J. Vlachos, president; Geo. Kapantaes, vice-president; Al Katsaounes, general secretary; and Ch. Politopoulos and Th. Loukaites, treasurers. The executive board; Pericles Galanopoulos, Elias Patrinakis, and Dr. Geo. Papageorge. Other officers are B. Spyropoulos, G. Tsarouchas, B. Constantakis, S. Nicopoulos, K. Karydes and Elias Alexiou.
The Star, knowing all the officers elected by the newly-founded society, unhesitatingly predicts the progress and success of the organization.