Illusion of Safety: The Story of the Greek Jews during the Second World War (187 names included)

The book "Illusion of Safety:  The Story of the Greek Jews during the Second World War" by Michael Matsas, published in 1997 by Pella Publishing Company, Inc., New York, N.Y.

You can view the 187 names mentioned in this book, along with the synopsis of the book from the dust jacket, and the Table of Contents below.  As I have done in the past, I borrowed this book through my local library inter-library loan program.


Following is the synopsis from the dust jacket:  
The Illusion of Safety contains Michael Matsas’s personal record of his one teenage year with villagers of Psilovrahos during the Second World War, and a young boy’s experience with theandartes who fought their nation’s enemies.  Expanding on this story, he presents, for the first time now in English, a collection of memoirs by Jews who fought with the andartes in the mountains or were active in the urban resistance during the war.  These are the stories of Greeks, who spoke Greek, served in the Greek army, fought invaders and helped to liberate Greece, but who happened to be Jews.
Most of Michael Matsas’s relatives from Ioannina were among the more than 65,000 Jews from occupied Greece sent to Auschwitz and Treblinka.  The author has collected numerous stories of individuals who escaped the Wehrmacht’s clutches or survived the horrors of the death camps.  Not only are the dead remembered.  The author’s righteous anger floods to include an indictment of the military opponents to the Germans, who refused to warn Greek Jews, let alone aid them in escaping their horrendous fate.
The author is the first to explore State Department and OSS wartime reports on Greek Jews available to the American government, and to expose the hypocrisy that ignored the already known fate of the Jews transported to concentration camps.  Reports in British files also attest to the detailed knowledge about the Jews that Britain, long considered a protector of Greeks, had at its disposal, but refused to make available to Greek Jews.  Only the Greek resistance of EAM-ELAS gave warning, and then welcomed the refugees and fighters, as the author attests.”
The Jews of Greece
Chapter One - The German Zone of Occupation
Chapter Two - The Bulgarian Zone of Occupation
Chapter Three - The Italian Zone of Ocupation
Chapter One - The German Zone of Occupation
Chapter Two - The Bulgarian Zone of Occupation
Chapter Three - The Italian Zone of Occupation
Bibliographical Essay

Aaron, Armando
Aaron, David (aka David Keravnos)
Aaron, Markos
Abraham, Stella Salti
Adam, Nikos
Adritti, Dorin
Alalouf, Elias
Alballa, Astro
Alballa, Jacques
Alballa, Moissi (Doctor)
Alballa, Pepo
Alballa, Samuel
Alballa, Toula
Alballa, Victoria
Alcalai, Eftiha
Alcalai, Jacob
Algoussis, Salvator
Alkalay, Nissim
Allalouf, John (Doctor)
Amar, Leon
Amarillo, Saul (Rabbi)
Amosnino, Raoul
Anagnostopoulos, Dion
Andronis, Athanasios
Angelousis, Antonis (aka Vratsaros)
Antoniadou, Antonis
Antoniadou, Panagiotis
Aramos, Athanasios (Priest)
Arditti, Solomon
Arendt, Hannah
Arhimanditis, Vasilis
Armaos, Athanasios (Reverend)
Aron, Maurice
Arouch, Salamo
Arouch, Yitzhak (aka Isaac)
Aruh, Manoli (Doctor)
Askanazi, Samuel
Assael, Mimi
Assael, Robert
Assael, Yacov
Asser, Rosa Pardo
Asteriadis, Sarantis
Atas, Ino
Atoun, Chaim
Atoun, Esther (Doctor)
Atoun, Jacob
Averbuch, Moshe
Averoff-Tossizza, Evangelos
Avni, Haim
Avriel, Ehud
Azar, William
Azaria, Sarina
Azarias, Lazarus
Azmaos, Athanasios (Priest)
Azouz, Rena
Bourderi, N.
Bourla, Abraam Joseph
Bourla, Charles
Bourla, Dora
Bourla, Leon
Bourla, Moissis
Bourla, Nikos
Bourla, Tselele
Bourla, Yolanda
Bourlas, Boissis
Cuenca, Tori
Eck, Nathan
Eden, Anthony
Elhai, Abraam
Elhai, Albert
Elhai, Chrysoula
Elhai, Claire
Elhai, Elvera
Elhai, Isaak
Elhai, Jacob
Elhai, Mosse
Elhai, Rebecca
Elhai, Sara
Elia,  (Rabbi)
Eliezer, Isaak
Eliezer, Moussoulia
Eliezer, Victor
Eliya, Hanoula
Eliya, Joseph
Eliya, Yosef
Enepekidis, P. K. 
Errera  (Doctor)
Errera, Alberto Moissi
Errera, Maurice
Eskenazi, Fofo
Evert, Angelos
Evlagon (Rabbi)
Exarchos, Michalis
Exarchos, Yannis
Exerchou, Sanio
Ezras, Moissis
Franies, Albert
Frankis, Simon
Franko, Hizkia
Franko, Rebecca
Friedman, Phillip
Frizis, Mordechai
Fromer, Rebecca Camhi
Fromm, Annette
Gunther, Rolf
Herzstein, Robert Edwin
Hilberg, Raul
Hondros, John Louis
Horst, Billy
Houstoulakis, John
Hoxha, Enver
Ioannou, George
Isaiah, Susan
Issis, Joseph
Issis, Peppos
Issis, Savvas
Joroff, David
Louvaris, Nikolaos
Lovinger, Beria
Lovinger, Joseph
Luther, Martin, 
Moschovitz, Menty 
Mosseri, Marko
Mouchon, Bello
Mouchon, Benous
Mouchon, Dai
Mouchon, Eliasef
Mouchon, Mihel (Rabbi)
Moustakis, Nissim
Nikolopoulos, Vaios
Nissan, Jack
Nissim, Elias Sam
Novitch, Miriam
Prionistis, Michael
Rochlitz, Joseph
Romano, Aaron
Rousso, Emilio
Rousso, Isaak Samuel
Rousso, Sara
Russo, David
Stroumsa, Joseph (Doctor)
Stroumsa, Menachem
Svolis, Abraam
Tsoulomitsos, Dimitrios
Tsoulomitsos, Martha
Tsoulos, Georgios
Tsoutsani, George
Typaldos, Irinaios
Tzolos, George
Ussishkin, Menahem
Uziel, Benzion
Vizerides (Doctor)
Vizoukidis (Professor)
Vlahlides, Demetrios
Vlastaris, Dimitrios
Vosnia, Stephan
Vosnia, Yan
Vrahoritis, Isaak
Vranopoulos, Dimitris
Yahbes, Albert
Yahbes, Israel
Yahiel, Leon
Yahon, Albertos
Yahon, Stella
Yakoel, Mois
Yakouel, Isaak
Yakouel, Yiomtov
Yesoua, Yosoula
Yesoulas, Moissis
Yesouroum, Moris (Doctor)
Yiossoula, Yeshua
Yohana, Cleio
Yohana, Esther
Yohana, Finetta
Yohana, Jules
Yohana, Peppos
Yohana, Rafael
Yohana, Yohanas
Yohanas, Joseph
Yohanas, Zadik
Yomtov, Moshe (aka Malagias)
Yomtov, Victoria
Zitelli, S.
Zucchelli, Dante
Zuccotti, Susan