1907 (August) New Orleans, Louisiana Passenger Lists - 131 GREEK Passengers

1907 New Orleans, Louisiana Passenger Lists

I have transcribed the names of passengers listing either GREECE as their place of birth, or GREEK as their nationality.

The names found in the index are linked to actual images of the passenger lists, digitized from National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) microfilm.  You can visit the website National Archives - Immigration Records (Ship Passenger Arrival Records) for further information.

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Due to the ever changing nature of the internet, there may also be other resources available where you can view these images.


Arrived 12 August 1907 in New Orleans, La. on the SS Harry T. Inge (Port of Departure - Bocas Del Toro and Colon, Panama)
Ellis Carahan
John Cropula
Peter Damas
Stavoras Garacias
Apastal Morris
Constantine Perlage
George Spence
Geo Yani

Arrived 20 August 1907 in New Orleans, La. on the SS Italian Prince (Port of Departure - Rosario, Argentina)
Angelo Papadopulos

Arrived 26 August 1907 in New Orleans, La. on the SS Mobila (Port of Departure - Colon, Panama)
Theodore Walery

Arrived 29 August 1907 in New Orleans, La. on the SS Sofia Hohenberg (Port of Departure - Patras, Greece)
Georgios Alifantis
Thomas Alifantis
Anastassios Anastassion
John Anastassiou
Pantelis Anastassiou
Nicolaos Androutsopulos
Haralampos Apostolou
Nicolaos Arcadianos
Constantinos Arkadianos
Christos Arvanitakis
Michael Bitros
Dimitrios Bitros
Kiriacos Bitros
Custantinos Catergaris
Dimitrios Chachoulias
Pantelis Chartofylakos
Constantinos Colias
Georgios Coutonassos
John Damoulakis
Athanassios Damoulakis
George Delidakis
Dionyssios Dervas
Theodoros Eliopulos
Ioannis Farrkas
Stavros Garigiotes
Carstantinos Garlis
Vassilios Georgacopulos
Ioannis Georgacopulos
Georgios Georgacos
Mix Geron
Stauros Giannacopulos
Ioannis Giannitsis
Ioannis Giannopulos
Vassilios Giannoulis
Anastassios Giatras
Pantazis Gikas
John Gisotis
Haral Goulemates
Gregorios Goulematis
Demetrios Gourgiotes
Aristedes Gourgiotes
Ioannis Gourtonnas
Ioannis Granitsis
Hermann Hamburger
Dionyssios Hemotomos
Georgios Hrissopulos
Georgios Isavalas
Panagiotis Isimplis
Christos Isogias
Tanagis Isouris
Theofanis Kalliris
Diomedes Kaonnis
Serafim Karaboipas
Theocharis Karaplis
Lampros Karaplis
Serapin Karistes
Miletios Karkos
Ioannis Kionssis
Constuntinos Kliaris
Panagis Koukoulis
Stavros Koupansistassi
Georgios Krevatos
Chassanis Lachakis
Panagiotis Lacharakis
Antonios Lambros
Coustantinos Larcos
Georgios Lazaros
Panaghis Leonssis
Ioannis Louketes
Nikolaos Louketis
John Luta
Georgios Lykouris
Vassilios Lykowris
Panagiotis Mantas
Theodoros Mantsouranis
Georgios Marinis
Evangelos Marinis
Trifon Marinis
Georgis Marinos
Konstantinos Mavroudis
Vassilios Mitropoulos
Athanassios Monsos
Spiros Moraitis
Georgios Moutsatsos
Antonios Neroutsos
Stefanos Nicolaou
Constantinos Nicolaou
Constantinos Nicolaou
Actyns Nicolas
Nicolaos Nomikos
Ioannis Papadopulos
Constantinos Papaioannou
Nikolaos Papalefteris
John Pappas
John Perifanos
Vassilios Petrichos
Nikolaos Petritis
Ioannis Petritis
Alexios Poulos
Stylianos Rakis
Michael Rotas
Panagiotis Sacapetis
Ioannis Sarantopulos
Demetrios Sarigiannis
Stavros Sarris
Constantinos Sigalos
Antonios Simantonis
Michael Sofos
Antonios Stathakis
Constantinos Stavropulos
Georgios Tacoussis
Demetrios Tacoussis
Paagistis Taharakis
Ioannis Tapamentizilopulos
Rists Tasse
Alexios Theodoracopulos
Stefanos Troncalas
Paagiotis Tsiotas
Constantin Vassil
Constantinos Vatikiotis
Vassilios Venetsanos