History of the Greek Revolution by J.L. Comstock - published 1828 - FREE ebook

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Compiled From Official Documents of the

Sketches of the War in Greece, by Philip James Green, Esq., Late British Consul for Patrass, in Greece; and the Recent Publications of Mr. Blaquiere, Mr. Humphrey, Mr Emerson, Count Pecchio, Rt. Hon. Col. Stanhope, the Modern Traveller, and other authentic sources


By John L. Comstock, M.D.

Published in 1828 by William W. Reed & Co. - New York


Original copy was accompanied by a "Map of Greece, and other engravings".  These are not available with this ebook version.



I.  Geographical Situation and Population of Greece

II.  Grecian Islands

III.  Account of Greece, from 167 B.C. to 1300 A.C.

IV.  From the foundation of the Turkish Empire to the death of Tamerlane

V.  From the Accession of Mahomet I. in 1416, to the taking of Constantinople by the Turks

VI.  From the Establishment of the Turkish power at Constantinople, to the death of Selim in 1520.

VII.  From the Reign of Solyman I. to the taking of Cyprus, in 1618

VIII.  Account of the War between Russia and Turkey, in which the Greeks join the former

IX.  History of the Tyrant of Ioannina from 1757 to 1809

X.  Continuation of the History of Ali Bey, from 1809 to 1822

XI.  History of the Hetaria, from 1814, to the arrest and confinement of Ipsilanti, in 1821

XII.  From the beginning of the Revolution in Greece proper, to the reduction of the Lalliots

XIII.  From the time when Demetrius Ipsilanti assumes the Command in Greece, to his resignation in 1821

XIV.  Siege of Tripolizza, and the taking of the place by the Greeks

XV.  Continuation of the War from the taking of Tripolizza, to the sitting of the congress at Epidaurus

XVI.  Account of the Congress of Epidaurus, and the destruction of Scio

XVII.  Account of the Campaign of 1822

XVIII.  Continuation of the Campaign of 1822

XIX.  The Assembling of the Congress at Astros, and account of the Campaign of 1823

XX.  Campaign of 1824 - Loss of Ipsara, and end of the Civil Discords

XXII.  Campaign of 1825 - Taking the Island of Sphacteria

XXIII.  Commerce of Greece, and her productions - Fire Ships, Navy &c.

XXV.  Campaign of 1826 - The taking of Missolonghi - Arrival of Lord Cockrane, and Gen. Church

XXVI.  Lord Cochrane takes command of the Hellas - Account of the campaign of 1827 - Batle of Navarino

XXVII.  Conduct of the European states in respect to Greece

XXVIII.  Population, Revenue and resources of Greece

Last Days of Lord Byron
Funeral Oration on Lord Byron
Philanthropic Society
Declaration of Independence
Declaration to the Christian powers