‎1907 (December) New Orleans, Louisiana Passenger Lists - 124 GREEK Passengers

1907 New Orleans, Louisiana Passenger Lists

I have transcribed the names of passengers listing either GREECE as their place of birth, or GREEK as their nationality.

The names found in the index are linked to actual images of the passenger lists, digitized from National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) microfilm.  You can visit the website National Archives - Immigration Records (Ship Passenger Arrival Records) for further information.

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Due to the ever changing nature of the internet, there may also be other resources available where you can view these images.

Arrived 17 December 1907 in New Orleans, La. on the SS Eugenia (Port of Departure - Patras, Greece)
Constantinos Alevizos
Panayotis Alevizos
Peter Alevizos
Alexios Alevizos
Panagistis Anagudtgulos ?
Dimitrias ??los
Athanassios Angelopulos
Spyridon Aninos
Antonios ??appas
Panaghis Armodoros
Gregorios Avramopulos
Dimitrios Avramopulos
Gerassimos Babassis
John Burelias
Theofanis Calambocas
Efstathios Calantzis
Aristides Castrantas
Yerossimos Catsaros
Triphon Christopulos
Lissimos Constantatos
Thomas Contahihis
Michael Contogiannis
George Contovounissios
Athanassios Contoyannis
Themistoclis Costuros
Filippos Cremeens
Anghelis Cujelas
Theodoros Curtis
Georgios Cutsukos
Vassilios Dalas
Anastassios Drossos
Sarantis Eliapulos
Constantin Exarchos
Alexandros Filippatos
Christos Fils Linkis
Charalampos Galiatsatos
Thomas Gazis
Lambros Georgakis
Constantinos Ghioryas
Panagidis Giakumatos
Nicolaos Giannaris
Leonidas Giannopulos
Georges Gimotas
Christos Goulimis
Stelios Grannopulos
Charalampos Hanthakos
Ioannis Hanthakos
Evanghelos Kakioussis
Panaghis Kakouratos
Panayotis Kambukos
Vassilias Kolyvas
Charalampos Kontilatos
Panagiotis Laggas
Sofoclis Lambelis
Georgios Lambru
Vassilios Lampelis
Costas Lavitsanos
Gerassimos Lavitsianos
Demetrios Lepessiotis
Anastassios Lervitsianos
Joannis Linlias
Efstathios Livitsanos
Spiridon Livitsanos
Paulos Livitsianos
Georgios Livitsianos
Efstathios Livitsianos
Nicolaos Livitsianos
Christos Livitsianos
Panagiotis Macheras
Jannis Maracas
John Marakas
Aristidis Margaritis
Yerassimos Marietos
Dionissios Markessmis
Michel Meladakis
Petros Metaxas
Evanghelos Metaxas
Petros Metaxas
Panaghis Metazas
Soterios Mitru
Athanassios Nassiopulos
Andreas Negas
Georgios Negas
Dimitrios Panayis
Dionyssios Papadopulos
Emmanuel Patsoumadakis
Miltiades Paulopulos
Pantelis Petoussis
Stavros Petoussis
Pandghis Petratos
Nicolaos Picras
Elias Picras
Stavros Pieratos
Panayis Politis
Aghelos Ponstantatos
Michael Renessis
Elias Risas
Vassilios Rumbas
Gerassimos Sergiades
Lacharias Sergiatos
Ioannis Sourmbis
Christos Spatlis
Athanassias Spiliopulos
Ioannis Stavrakas
John Theodoropulos
Sarandis Theodoropulos
Vassilios Trorayos
Christos Tsatraris
Michel Tsatraris
Nicolaos ???tas
Nicolaos Turnkis
Dionyssios Tziortzis
George Tzochantaris
Dimitrios Varelas
Elias Varouxxis
Exarchos Vassilion
Nicolaos Vinios
Georgios Vithulkas
Stamatis Vossos

Arrived 23 December 1907 in New Orleans, La. on the SS Ellis (Port of Departure - Colon, Panama)
Joanis M. Isikalas
Kristofero Isondakis
Andreas Leledachis

Arrived 30 December 1907 in New Orleans, La. on the SS Preston (Port of Departure - Puerto Limon, Costa Rica and Colon, Panama)
Georgios Spherdes