History of the Order of AHEPA - The Beginning (Includes 123 Names)

The following is courtesy of the ORDER OF AHEPA - Taken from the book "The History of the Order of Ahepa (The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association) 1922-1972" by George J. Leber, Executive Secretary of the Order of Ahepa.  Published by the Order of Ahepa, Washington, D.C. 1972.

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CHAPTER ONE:  The Beginning - July 26, 1922

"The first six members of the Mother Lodge of the Ahepa were Nicholas D. Chotas from Lechaina, Greece;  James Campbell form Kakotary;  George (Nicopoulos) A. Polos from Karpenisi;  Harry Angelopoulos from Divry;  John Angelopoulos, from Divry; James Vlass from Ithaca. . . . George Campbell and Speros J. Stamos joined the original six, to complete the Ahepa Mother Lodge of eight members."

The First Meeting - July 26, 1922

July 31, 1922 - Applications for membership received from Chris Chotas, M. Stamos, H. Brown, James Verginadis, Nikitas Demos, Tom Datos, Gr. Blatsos, Jerry Vlass, Pete Pappanicolopoulos, and Bill Jones.

August 2, 1922 - Membership application of Nicholas Rigas was approved.

August 14, 1922 - Membership applications were approved:  Frank Matrangos, Theodore Athan, Charles Keramidas, George Lachanos, Nick Antonopoulos, Dennis Carras, Niarhos Kolokuris, and Eli Kavouras.

August 19, 1922 - Membership applications were approved:  Victor Retsinas, Dennis Vlass, James Soteres, Tom Jinis, Pete Mitchell, and Const. Vacalis.

August 22, 1922 - Membership application approved for Anthony Rumanes.  The Supreme Lodge suggested the names of the following candidates as nominations for the officers of the first Subordinate Lodge, or Chapter No. l, Atlanta, Georgia:  Eli Kavouras, Dennis Carras, Pete Pappanicolopoulos, Cris Chotas, Constantine Vacalis, Charles Keramidas, Nicholas Rigas and Nick Kelly.  

August 24, 1922 - This Special Meeting was called by the Supreme Lodge to initiate candidates for Chapter No. L, Atlanta, Ga.  Applications for membership were approved for:  J. Bill Efstathiou, Nick Manesis, and Charles Drakos.  Eighteen candidates were then initiated.  The following were elected as the Board of Governors of Chapter No. 1:  Charles Drakos, Eli Kavouras, Constantine Vacalis, Nick Regas, N. Kolocouris, Dennis Carras, Harry Brown, and James Verginadis, and the new Chapter membership was officially welcomed into the new association, and congratulated.

September 11, 1922 - Thirteen applications for membership were approved at this meeting as follows:  Pete K. Priles, Charlie Balekas, Nick Christofides, Themistocles Routsos, Nick Matrangos, John Lenakis, Em. Zimarakis, James Cotsakis, Gost Konstantinou, George Reskos, P. Pappadopoulos, George Manos, and George Pappas.  Supreme Secretary-Treasurer H. Angelopoulos was asked to assume the duties of secretary for Atlanta Lodge No. l . . . 

October 9, 1922 - Applications for membership were approved for Chris Anastopoulos and Charles Menias.

October 11, 1922 - The membership applications of Byron Souders and J. Burdine were approved.

October 30, 1922 - The Supreme Lodge authorized Supreme President Chotas to appoint George A. Poulos as Supreme Deputy . . . 

November 14, 1922 - George A. Poulos reported that Charlotte, North Carolina Lodge No. 2 had been established with 45 members, and that the membership included many prominent persons not of Greek descent.  Byron Souders and John F. Burdine were elected Councilors to the Supreme Lodge.

November 16, 1922 - Membership applications of the following were approved:  George Brown, John Grisz, Tom Skouteris, D. Psaroudakis, Chris Carlos, Adamantios Lamos and Frank Belieu.  . . .  Due to resignation of officers, the following new Atlanta Lodge officers were elected:  Dr. Belieu, President; George Borwn, Treasurer; Jerry Vlass, Bill Jones and Chris Carlos, Governors.

May 7, 1923 - H. I. North and George A. Poulos were given the responsibility for running the Organization Department . . .   

June 19, 1923 - P. J. Stamos was elected Supreme Secretary after the resignation of Harry Angelopoulos from that office.

October 15-17, 1923 - The First National Supreme Convention, Atlanta, Georgia.  Attending were the members of the Supreme Lodge, and the following "Subordinate Lodge" delegates:
H. I. North, Atlanta, Ga. #1
H. G. Link, Jr., Charlotte, N.C. #2
Ben Davis and Arthur Greenwood, Birmingham, Ala., #3
C. M. Cockinos, Charleston, S.C. #4
Dr. G. M. Saliba, Savannah, Ga. #5
John Young, Memphis, Tenn. #7
D. Lorant, Shreveport, La. #8
George S. Smitzes, Tampa, Fla. #12
C. R. Nixon, Tulsa, Okla. #13
George Catsaros, Miami, Fla. #14
Willis Gastaing, Tarpon Springs, Fla., #16
George Demeter, Boston, Mass., #24
H. N. Wells and S. Retsinopoulos, New York City #25
George Tsekuras and M. Kyriazakos, Philadelphia, Pa. #26
I. Arakas, Asheville, N.C. #28
There were 8 Delegates from the Supreme Lodge, 19 Subordinate Lodge delegates, for a total of 27 delegates at the First Convention.

Also listed in Chapter 1 of this book are the following:
Hugh N. Wells
John DeMos
Soterios Retsinopoulos
Harry Coroneos
C. R. Nixon
Ben Davis
George Demeter
Dr. G. M. Saliba
Charles Kirby
Arthur Greenwood
Nicholas D. Chotas
George A. Polos 
James Campbell
Harry Coroneos
P. Constantinides
Bill Hallis
D. C. Vasiliow
Willis Castaing
Nicholas V. G. Nestor
Arthur Stephos
John Apostoles
George S. Zantos
John Chambers
Arthur Pistolas