Book "America, The Land of My Dreams - The Odyssey of a Greek Immigrant" by Steffanides - 1974

The book "America The Land Of My Dreams - The Odyssey of a Greek Immigrant" by George F. Steffanides was printed in 1974 by The College Press, Lancaster, Massachusetts.

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Agiakatsikas Eustace Includes Photograph 101, 102, 103, 104 
Athenagoras ? Archbishop 51 
Economides George 90 
Economides Pyrrhos 90, 109 
Efthymiou Basil 109 
Efthymiou Vasilios Reverend 51, 105, 106, 107 
Isakides John 92 
Provas George 90 
Psyras George 55, 56 
Rizos John 90 
Rizos Arthur 90, 131, 132 
Tsoumas George 110, 111 
Yphantes Paul 36 
Zographos Paul 36 


ABOUT THE AUTHOR (as of the printing of this book in 1974)

Professor George F. Steffanides has been teaching Biology at Fitchburg State College, Fitchburg, Massachusetts since 1960.  He was born on the isle of Lesbos, Greece, October 22, 1908, and came to America in 1920.  He graduated from Boston English High School at the top of his class in 1929 and otained the Bachelor of Science degree in Botany at the Massachusetts State College at Amherst (now the University of Massachusetts) in 1933.  After a sojourn in Greece, where he studied the culture and history of the Olive Tree, Professor Steffanides matriculated in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University, obtaining the Master of Arts degree in Biology in 1935.  During the years 1936-61 he worked as a radio announcer and commentator in Boston, managed the International Importing Company of Boston, and the F. Steffanides Company of Boston, thus coming to appreciate American life in all its phases.  Prof. Steffanides went back to Harvard in 1954, and received the degree of Master of Education in Science in 1956.  Following the receipt of the M. Ed. degree, he taught at Medway High School (Biology) from 1957-60.  He became Assistant Prof. of Biology at Fitchburg Teacher's College in 1960, where he has been teaching ever since.




I.  First Glimpse of the Promised Land

II.  A Baptism of Fire

III.  What Price Freedom?

IV.  The Ravages of War

V. Farewell to Lesbos

VI.  Under Attic Skies

VII.  On the Trail of Columbus

VIII. Castingari - The Guard House

IX.  Jumping Out of the Melting Pot

X.  Back Into the Melting Pot

XI.  My First Business Venture

XII.  Up and Down the Ghetto Strip

XIII.  Saving A Family Business

XIV.  Highlights of the 1920s

XV.  Highlights of the 1920s (Continued)

XVI.  Choosing A Life-Work

XVII.  Launching A New Business Enterprise

XVIII.  Life Begins at Amherst

XIX.  My First Days at M.A.C.

XX.  The Conflict of Ideas

XXI.  Bridging the Gap Between Science and The Humanities

XXII.  The Pursuit of Learning

XXIII.  Echoes of Vietnam - Nicaragua and Dollar Diplomacy

XXIV.  Echoes of Bigotry and Discrimination

XXV.  The Student Becomes A Teacher

XXVI.  Farewell to Amherst

XXCII.  History Repeats Itself

XXVIII.  The Return of the Native

XXIX.  Life in the City of Wisdom

XXX.  What's the Matter with Modern Greece?

XXXI.  The Real Problems Facing Greece Today

XXXII.  Trials of the Depression

XXXIII.  The Struggle for Modern Greek Studies

XXXIV.  Te Search for a Livelihood

XXXV.  Changing A Career

XXXVI.  The Struggle to Establish a Business

XXXVII.  Who Are The Modern Greeks?

XXXCIII.  The Struggle for Survival Continues

XXXIX.  Launching A New Enterprise

XI.  War Clouds

XLI.  The War Clouds Thicken

XLII.  As The War Clouds Begin to Lift

XLIII.  Return to Harvard

XLIV.  Trials of a Teacher

XLV.  Phasing Out A Family Business

XLVI.  What's the Matter with American Education?

XLVII.  How American Education Went Astray

XLVIII.  The Roots of Our Culture

XLIX.  American Education and the Ph.D. Fetish

L.  The Need for General Education

LI.  World War II Demonstrates the Need for General Education

LII.  The Goals of General Education

LIII.  Methods of Teaching General Education

LIV.  Why General Education Has Not Succeeded

LV.  The Power of Our Communications Media

LVI.  Our Medical Dilemma

LVII.  Humanizing Our Medical Services

LVIII.  Culture and Anarchy

LIX.  Why Pollute the Land of the Gods?

LX.  Survival of Hellenism in America

LXI.  America and Our World Heritage

LXII.  The Scientist's Dodecalogue

LXIII.  The Future of America

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