"Love Feud in Old Country Carried to Chicago Streets - Two Greeks Fight Over Woman" article - Chicago Daily Tribune, January 24, 1910

Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune, January 24, 1910

Two Greeks Fight Over Woman Whom
Both Had Wooed - One Stabbed,
Other Suffers Broken Leg.

Trouble over a woman, which started in Greece, resulted in a fight with knives last night in Chicago, in which one man was stabbed and the other suffered a broken leg.

William Tragos, 710 Mather street, and a man known as Peter Collier, 902 Grand avenue, were the principals.  Tragos was stabbed by Collier and Tragos' brother, George, struck Collier with a club, fracturing his ankle.

Both men were in love with Athanasia Velone before coming to this country.  Tragos arrived in Chicago several years ago, leaving his rival on the field.  Collier, too, came here and embarked in the fruit business.  Several months ago the woman, with her parents, sought her fortune in the new world.

Her love for Tragos and cooled, however, and she told him.  According to the police, he sought out Collier last night and invited him into a restaurant at Halsted and West Polk streets.  At the same time, it is said, he arranged to have his brother and several men in the place.

When the quarrel over the girl was started Collier saw the odds were against him and fled.  The others followed.  A block away from the cafe he turned on his assailants, who were about to overtake him, and stabbed his rival.  The wounded man's brother, George Tragos, then struck Collier with a club, breaking his leg.