Wrestling "Greek Meets Greek on Mat - Demetral Tackles Tofalos at Coliseum Tonight" article - Chicago Daily Tribune, November 3, 1910

Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune, November 3, 1910

Demetral Tackles Tofalos at
Coliseum Tonight.
Iowan Agrees to Throw Seattle
Physician Once Within Hour.
Wrestling fans of Chicago will be given their first big show of the season tonight at the Coliseum, where the Empire A.C. has arranged five bouts, the final match being for the Greek championship of America, between Demetral and Tofalos, while the semi-windup will bring out Jesse Westergaard of Des Moines, who has agreed to throw Dr. Roller once in an hour.

The match for the Greek title has created much interest among foreigners in the city about this bout is sure to result in some of the hardest and fiercest wrestling seen in the Coliseum in a long time.  Tofolas has an advantage of about twenty-five pounds in weight over his opponent, but Demetral asserts he will make up for this handicap in speed and science.  Each of these Greek wrestlers has plenty of admirers and there has been a lot of betting done by both factions.

Westergaard is hopeful of pinning Roller's shoulders to the mat in an hour.  The Iowa grappler is out after the title relinquished by Frank Gotch and considers tonight's bout a stepping stone to the highest honor in the grappling game.  Roller does not believe that anybody but a real champion can throw him in an hour, and, instead of taking the defensive, the Seattle physician said he is going right after his bulky opponent and try to throw him inside of the allotted time.

In the opening event Willie Schula, champion of the German navy, will clash with Emil Victor, a local Polish grappler.  This will be Schula's initial public appearance.  Karl Wehram, another German with wrestling ambitions, will tackle the "Mysterious Conductor," and in the fourth bout Charley Olson's new Turk, Hussane, will be pitted against Tom Winklehoefer, the Austrian.  Owing to the length of the program, the first bout will start at 8:10 o'clock.  Ed Smith will referee all the matches.

Yussiff Mahmout, the Bulgarian, will meet Henri Paul in a finish match at a south side theater on Saturday night.

Charley Olson, the light heavyweight wrestler will meet "Mysterious Waffles (sp?)" at the Empire (sp?) tomorrow night, while Russians will Hussane will clash with Willie Schula in the other half of the bill.

Olson Wins in Straight Falls.

Jackson, Mich., Nov. 2 - Charles Olson, champion light heavyweight wrestler, had no great difficulty in winning from Peter Pappas, the local Greek wrestler, tonight in two straight falls, requiring 24-1/2 minutes and 21 minutes, respectively.