History of the Order of AHEPA - The Years 1924-27 (Includes 294 Names)

The following is courtesy of the ORDER OF AHEPA - Taken from the book "The History of the Order of Ahepa (The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association) 1922-1972" by George J. Leber, Executive Secretary of the Order of Ahepa.  Published by the Order of Ahepa, Washington, D.C. 1972.

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CHAPTER TWO:  The Years 1924-27

The Second Convention was held in Washington, D.C. under the sponsorship of the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Md. Chapters

Attending the Convention as delegates were the following:

Current and Past Supreme Lodge Officers:  
George Demeter, Supreme President; 
G.M. Saliba, Supreme Vice President; 
Nicholas D. Chotas, Supreme Secretary;  
Harry Coroneos, Supreme Treasurer; 
C.R. Nixon, Supreme Counsellor; 
Charles Kirby, Supreme Governor; 
George A. Polos, Supreme Governor; 
James Campbell, Mother Lodge;  
P.J. Stamos, Mother Lodge.

Chapter Delegates:
James Cotsakis, Atlanta, Ga.
Harry Demos, Charleston, S.C.
Charles Lamas, Savannah, Ga.
F.M. Witherspoon, Shreveport, La.
G.S. Smitzes, Tampa, Fla.
James Pantages, Tulsa, Okla.
Harry Miller, Dallas, Texas
Them. Petrou, N.A. Loumos, S. Karamillas, George J. Tsougros, Boston, Mass.
George Caranicholas, Dean Alfange, Dr. C. Carouso, New York City #25
H.T. Walker, Jr., Philadelphia, Penn.
Theo. Polemenakos, Houston, Texas
C.J. Coventaros, Baltimore, Maryland
V.I. Chebithes, George Devakos, Washington, D.C.
J.C. Lamonettin, Johnstown, Pa.
Phillip Stylianos, Nashua, N.H.
Nicholas Valentine, Syracuse, N.Y.
Angel Colocousis, Haverhill, Mass.
George D. Raptieu, Detroit, Mich.
Michael Loris and Nicholas Psaki, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Nicholas J. Botsakos, George P. Lamont and Bert Adams, New York City #42
P. P. Stathas, Milwaukee, Wisc.
Dr. Anthony Vamvas, Manchester, N.H.
Nicholas G. V. Nestor, Springfield, Mass.
Anthony Dedopoulos, Waterbury, Conn.
C.T. Roland, Ft. Worth, Texas
E. Polymenides, Miami, Fla.
Chris P. Leventis, Charlotte, N.C.
Theo Papadopoulos, Asheville, N.C.

It was at this Washington convention that the official name of "THE AHEPA" was taken by the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association.

Supreme Lodge officers elected by the convention for the year 1924-25 were:
V.I. Chebithes, Supreme President
G. M. Saliba, Supreme Vice President
Nicholas D. Chotas, Supreme Secretary
Harry Coroneos, Supreme Treasurer
C.R. Nixon, Supreme Counsellor
Theo. Polemenakos, N.A. Loumos, G.S. Smitzes, F.M. Witherspoon, P.P. Stathas and George Caranicholas - Supreme Governors
Dr. C. Carouso - Supreme Chaplain
Nicholas V.G. Nestor - Supreme Warden

In recognition of their services to the fraternity the following people were voted the title of "Viceregent":
Arthur Stephos
George S. Zantos
John G. Apostoles
John Chambers

Other names mentioned in this chapter:
Mayor T. Stoney, Charleston, S.C.
Mayor Robert M. Hull
C.J. Demas, Washington, D.C.
Varkas, Brookline, Mass.
Rev. Mark E. Petrakis
Bishop Philaretos Johannides
John Dakes
Charles T. Rowland, President, Fort Worth, Texas


The Third Supreme Convention was held in Chicago, Ill., at the Drake Hotel during September 28 - October 2, 1925.

Supreme Lodge Officers present were:
V.I. Chebithes
G.M. Saliba
Harry Coroneos
C.R. Nixon
P.P. Stathas
G.S. Smitzes
Charles Kirby
F.M. Witherspoon
Theo. Polemenakos

Past Supreme Lodge Members present were:
George A. Polos
P.J. Stamos
John Angelopoulos
James Campbell
Ben Davis
George Demeter

Delegates from Chapters were:
Angel Soteropoulos, Atlanta
Peter J. Davis, Birmingham
Tony Hadji, Charleston, S.C.
John Demosthenes, Savannah
Rev. Emil Panos, Shreveport, La.
Dr. G. Hudspeth, Tampa
T.D. Bennet, Dallas
Dr. Demetrius Mitsakos and John Stratis, Boston
Dean Alfange and John Dounoucos, New York City #25
Panos D. Peppas, Asheville, N.D.
C.J. Coventaros, Baltimore
Dr. C.J. Demas and George Devakos, Washington D.C.
Constant. D. Diamantopoulos, Pittsburgh
Philip Stylianos, Nashua, N.H.
C.A. Tsangadas, Cleveland
Achilles Catsonis, Syracuse, N.Y.
Alex D. Varkas, Brookline, Mass.
Eustace Castanias, Haverhill, Mass.
George D. Raptieu, Detroit
N.J. Psaki and Thomas Themelis, Brooklyn, N.Y.
George Stathes and Emanuel Coronis, New York City, #42
Charles Stephan, Milwaukee, Wisc.
Apostolos G. Grekos, Manchester, N.H.
Const. E. Primbas and Peter N. Stavropoulos, Springfield, Mass.
Dr. S. D. Zaph and William Roussis, Chicago
Milton Gounaris, Lawrence, Mass.
Anthony Dedopoulos, Waterbury, Conn.
George N. Skaliotis, Lynn, Mass.
C.J. Critzas, Yonkers, N.Y.
Peter N. Kitsos and John A. Givas, Newark, N.J.
Const. Theodorou and R.R. Roehrig, St. Louis
August Rogokos, Paterson, N.J.
George J. Willias, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
George Janos, Easton, Pa.
Peter N. Sakorafos, Hartford, Conn.
Andrew Nickas, Canton, Ohio
Const. D. Bokaris, Allentown, Pa.
Const. M. Mantis, Reading, Pa.
Nicholas Notarys, Harrisburg, Pa.
E.J. Lagouros, Bethlehem, Pa.
John G. Demakis, Minneapolis, Minn.
Peter G. Collis, Rochester, N.Y.
Howard I. North, Camden, N.J.
Elias Perivolas and Elias L. Janetis, Springfield, Mass.
L.A. Kartsonis, Kansas City, Mo
D. C. Yavis, Binghamton, N.Y.
Louis George, Gary, Ind.
Dennis Stateson, Fond du Lac, Wisc.
John D. Petrou, Akron, Ohio

Supreme Lodge Officers elected by the convention for the fiscal year of 1925-26 were:
V. I. Chebithes, Supreme President (re-elected)
Nicholas A. Loumos, Supreme Vice President
Andrew Nickas, Supreme Secretary
George J. Willias, Supreme Treasurer
C.R. Nixon, Supreme Counsellor
G.S. Smitzes, Dr. S.D. Zaph, Philip Styllianos, Theo. Polemenakos, C.J. Critzas and William A. Ganfield, Supreme Governors
Arthur G. Stephos, Supreme Warden
F.M. Witherspoon, Supreme Chaplain.

During the next 11 months, prior to the 1926 convention, the fraternity continued its phenomenal growth with the establishment of 35 more new Chapters.


The Fourth Supreme Convention convened in Philadelphia, Pa., at the Hotel Pennsylania during the days of August 30 - September 3, 1926.  The total number of delegates to this convention was 110.

Supreme Lodge Officers:  
V.I. Chebithes
N.A. Loumos
Andrew Nickas
George W. Willias
C.R. Nixon
A.G. Stephos
George S. Smitzes
Philip Stylianos
Theo. Polemenakos
Dr. S.D. Zaph
Dr. W.A. Ganfield

Mother Lodge:
George A. Polos
George Campbell
Harry Angelopoulos
P.J. Stamos

Chapter Delegates:
Harry Demos, Charleston, S.C.
C.P. Thomas, Savannah, Ga.
Dr. G. Hudspeth, Tampa, Fla.
John Theophiles, Peter Galatis and Spero G. Pappas, Miami, Fla.
Dr. C.B. Rhangos, Tarpon Springs, Fla.
George A. Rousse, Ft. Worth, Texas
George Shropoulos, Dallas, Texas
Harris J. Booras, Boston
Dean Alfange and Dr. P. Coryllos, New York City
J.D. Malakis and George Cambanis, Philadelphia
A. Pappas and James K. Karambellas, Asheville, N.C.
Nicholas Sakelos, Baltimore, Maryland
Dr. C.J. Demas and Peter Chipouras, Washington, D.C.
Theo. Manos, Pittsburgh, Pa.
John Dimtsios, Nashua, N.H.
Philip D. Pappas, Cleveland
Achilles Catsonis, Syracuse, N.Y.
A.D. Varkas, Brookline, Mass.
Harry Sovas, Haverhill, Mass.
George D. Raptieu, Detroit
N.G. Psaki and Thomas Themelis, Brooklyn
George Stathes and E.A. Coronis, New York City
P.P. Stathas, Milwaukee
Soterios Dokos, Manchester, N.H.
James Poulaki and George A. Spannon, Chicago, Il
Milton Gounaris, Lawrence, Mass.
Anthony Dedopoulos, Waterbury, Conn.
S. Harrison, Lynn, Mass.
George Veras, Yonkers, N.Y.
Peter N. Kitsos, Newark, N.J.
Constantine Theodorou, St. Louis
A.C. Angelson and August Rogokos, Paterson, N.J.
P.K. Pantelakos, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
George Janos, Easton, Pa.
Achilles Chitopoulos, Brockton, Mass.
Michael Anagnos, Hartford, Conn.
P.L. Adams, Canton, Ohio
P.N. Papastavrou and Milton Scouris, Allentown, Pa.
George N. Passayiotis and James Toulas, Reading, Pa.
Steve Kremastiotes, Bridgeport, Conn.
John Petrou, Akron, Ohio
Nicholas Notarys, Harrisburg, Pa.
E.J. Lagouros, Bethlehem, Pa.
Peter Kamuchey, Minneapolis
Theodore Christie, Rochester, N.Y.
Vasilios Essaris, Wheeling, W.V.
Thomas Shissias, Camden, N.J.
Demetrios Hambelos, Lancaster, Pa.
Peter Skokos, Trenton, N.J.
Alexander Page, Kansas City, Mo.
George J. Pinis, Massillon, Ohio
Chris A. Alicakos, New Brunswick, N.J.
John Yasser, Sunbury, Pa.
Rev. George Capetanios, Binghamton, N.Y.
Dr. M. Minopoulos, Gary, Ind.
John M. Dottis, Chester, Pa.
Charles Davis Kotsilibas, Worcester, Mass.
Rev. Louis N. Rocca, Ft. Wayne, Ind.
J.E. Evangelos, Portland, Me.
Charles A. Coppas, Richmond, Va.
James Veras, Scranton, Pa.
Elias L. Janetis, Springfield, Mass.
E.J. Stamoulis, Jamaica, N.Y.
Speer Marousis, New Castle, Pa.
George Polay, Warren, Ohio
Michael V. Nicholson, Danbury, Conn.
George E. Phillies, Buffalo, N.Y.
John Papulias, Steubenville, Ohio
C. J. Thomas, Chicago
Peter Sikokis, chicago
John Govatos, Wilmington, Del.
Alexander Poulicos and Victor Orestes, Clarksburg, W. Va.
George E. Johnson and John C. Papadopoulos, Jr., Astoria, N.Y.
Terry M. Loukiades, New Haven, Conn.
G. Diamond, Stamford, Conn.
Spero Kansas, South Bend, Ind.
Dr. T. A. Stamas, Lowell, Mass.
J. H. DeMetro, Weirton, W. Va.


The Sons of Pericles

The convention adopted the Order of Sons of Pericles, as The Junior Order of Ahepa, with membership in the Junior Order to range from 12 to 21 years of age.

Peter T. Kourides - Supreme Secretary of the Order of Sons of Pericles

The Order of Sons of Pericles - Queen City Chapter No. 1 - Organization 1926

The following are listed as the "Mother Lodge" of the Order of Sons of Pericles:
Peter Clainos
William Chaloge
James Demetriades
Arthur Hasiotis
William Hasiotis
George Houliaras
Christos Korcoulis
Peter Kourides
James Papadopoulos
Gregory Papagiotas
William Vasiliou

C.E. Korcoulis, Archon Megistan
A.C. Hasiotis, Megistan
P. T. Kourides, Secretary
P.D. Clainos, Treasurer
W. Vasiliou, High Priest
W. Hasiotis, High Guardian
W. Chaloge, Outer Guard
G. Houliaras, Inner Guard
G. Papagiotas, Master of Ceremonies

Advisory Board:
Dr. Alexander P. Cambadhis, Chairman
Soterios Docos
Charles Gekas
Aspostolos Grekos
Christy Tassie


The new Supreme Lodge Officers elected by the 1926 Supreme Convention were:
V. I. Chebithes, Supreme President (re-elected)
Nicholas A. Loumos, Supreme Vice President (re-elected)
Andrew Nickas, Supreme Secretary (re-elected)
George J. Willias, Supreme Treasurer (re-elected)
N. G. Psaki, Supreme Counsellor

Supreme Governors:  
Dr. T. A. Stamas
C. J. Critzas
George E. Phillies
John Theophiles
Dr. William A. Ganfield
Dr. C. J. Demas
George N. Spannon
Rev. Louis N. Roca
C. R. Nixon