YouTube Video - TREZOROS, The Lost Jews of Kastoria, Greece

TREZOROS - The Lost Jews of Kastoria (Greece)
One Story Speaks for Many (Town Life Clip)

Watch by clicking on the video link above This deeply moving documentary illuminates the lives of a Sephardic community in Greece whose story speaks for all people who have been displaced and wronged by war and discrimination.
The story is set in the beautiful and idyllic city of Kastoria where Jews and Christians lived in harmony for over two millennia. In October 1940 this would all change after the invasion of Greece by Axis forces. Initially occupied by Italy, the Jewish community remained safe- but after Mussolini fell from power the Nazis took control of the town, dooming the community that had existed since the times of the Roman Empire.
The film uses never-before-seen archival footage, vibrantly bringing to life just one of the many Jewish communities that had existed in Greece before the end of World War II. “Trezoros” (Ladino/Judeo Spanish term of endearment meaning “Treasures”) is a highly emotional story told by it’s survivors, with interviews filmed on location in Kastoria, Thessaloniki, Athens, Tsur Moshe, Tel Aviv, Miami, Los Angeles and New York. TREASURES will be entered in competition for the 2017 Oscars Documentary/ 94min/English language/ HD