Greeks Arrive in Hawaii 1900-1953

UPDATE 4-22-2016

These same records are now available for FREE on - you will be able to see the actual passenger lists.


Did any of your ancestors go to, settle in, or pass through Hawaii? has a database named “All Honolulu, Hawaii, Passenger Lists, 1900-1953” -- (Note: Don’t forget – if you don’t have a subscription to – most public libraries have a subscription that you can use for FREE.) (These records are also available on microfilm through the National Archives.)
In this database there are 185 people who list Greece as either their birthplace or last place of residence. Their names are listed below, although I must admit some of the spellings are a bit suspicious, and I didn’t go in and look at each record to try and determine if they were transcribed correctly. The spellings are as they are listed in the database.
These Greeks came from a variety of Ports of Departure :
Australia - Newcastle and Sydney
British Columbia - Vancouver
Chile – Antofagasta and Valparaiso
China – Shanghai
Japan – Kobe, Okinawa, Yokohama
Marshall Islands – Majuro
New Zealand – Auckland
Philippines - Manilla
United States – Oregon (Portland), California (Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, Wilmington)
People who list Greece as either their birthplace or last place of residence
Adams, Miss Allie
Adams, Mrs. Urama
Amoleckie, N.
Anastas, Demetrios
Anastas, Julia
Anastasopulos, Peter
Andrews, Stephen
Anins, Geraninos
Apostolatas, Constantins
Arapoglou, Haralambos Trifon
Athanasso, Angelina
Athanasso, George
Athanasso, Jonathan
Augerinos, Aristides
Aurich, Joseph
Ayris, D.
Baiser, S.
Bakahr, Paul
Baynalis, Nicholas
Beaumont, Allen J.
Bellos, Paris P.
Bennetto, J.
Bourds, Mitchell
Bournos, Mitchell
Brincat, John
Bugga, John
Burnos, Mitchell
Caldis, Maria
Capan, Andy
Caridia, Nicholas
Castle, John
Catsulas, Ernest
Catsulis, Gust
Chrone, Afsdtede
Chrones, James
Chrones, Tom
Chronis, Leonidas
Cipman, Glayde
Cladianos, Pete
Constantine, Peter
Contalonig, Theodore
Copulos, Michael
Copulos, Mike
Copulos, Mitchell
Costa, Christa
Costa, Lana
Costa, Maria
Costa, Spera
Costantino, Amenio
Coumas, Peter
Coutoupis, Thales
Culuris, Constantine
Dedas, Lucas
Detor, Poppy
Dilo Poulo, Alexander
Dilopoulo, Alexander
Dipoulo, Aleko
Dorizas, Jerasimos
Dounis, Demetrius C.
Enos, Frank
Fanmasonis, George B.
Geracinos, Mrs. G.
Gerasimo, Antoina
Gerasimo, Efthalia
Gerasimo, Nicolas
Geroceimos, George
Geroceimos, Pata
Gramson, John P.
Gratrakon, John
Halekmos, C.
Haskell, Oliver H.
Hawkes, Marian
Hawkes, Marien Jean
Holmsen, Nicholas
Isavdoris, John
Jannakas, Peter
Jervos, Jack
John, Annie
John, Melia
John, Sam
John, Steve
Kahudis, James
Kaludis, James
Kaludis, James G.
Kanaris, Marcos
Kangles, George
Kaperhis, George
Kasames, Nicholas
Kimball, Nick
Klose, Clyde C.
Kolletis, Nick
Komtatones, Theodoras
Konstantakos, Nicholas
Kortes, Peter
Kotsonaros, George D.
Koutrozos, Andreas
Lason, Lewis
Leavitt, Roxanne
Liliopoulos, Christos
Logothetis, Nicholas
Lycurcus, George
Lycurgas, Athena
Lycurgas, Geo.
Lycurgas, Micholas
Lycurgus, Athena
Lycurgus, Charles
Lycurgus, George
Lycurgus, Nick
Madias, Marcos, Stefrnou
Maggioros, Athina
Maggioros, Isidore B.
Maggioros, Katherine
Manos, Charles
Maracos, Nicholas
Maravelis, Daniel
Marinos, Emanuel
Mastres, H.
Metaxas, Elius
Michas, Tom
Michopulos, George
Moraglis, Markos
Moraites, Pavlos
Morffafis, Andrew
Morris, Paul
Moullos, John Nicholas
Mustaka, Jean
Nicholas, Andros
Niphoratos, Pangis
Notrica, Jack
Ortico, J.
Panaotie, Peter
Papadopolas, Peter
Papagiano, Joseph
Papanikolaov, Demetrios
Pappas, Christ A.
Parkdisis, Nick
Parnassus, Geore
Paulos, Ligory
Pels, Mary
Pels, Peter
Peterson, Peter
Preston, Alexander A.
Protopsaltis, Pnage
Ralli, Alexander
Ralli, Jenny
Ratti, Edmund
Ravazula, Liolin
Salvo, Albert
Salvo, Emilie
Sciaky, Mario-Maire
Sideris, Christos
Sideris, Julia
Sideris, Mrs. C. P.
Sotiroff, Methode
Stamatis, Peter
Stambolis, Phillip
Stathis, Peter
Stavio, Mavio
Stavio, Pete
Stavros, William
Sterio, Lena
Sterio, Marie
Sterio, Mary
Sterio, Olga
Sterio, Peter
Sterio, Sunie
Sterio, Thomas
Theofilis, Evangelia
Thomas, Henry
Thomas, John
Thomas, Mary Ann
Tierney, James
Trevellas, Tom
Tromby, G.
Trompas, Demetra
Trompas, Gregory
Trovlos, Vassilios
Tsaganis, A.
Vanvales, Mitchell
Varatas, Basil
Vassilikos, P.
Vellis, John
Venizelos, Nikitas
Washburn, Master Barr V.
Yiannatos, Gerasimos
As always, good luck with your Greek family genealogy research.
Georgia Keilman nee Stryker (Stratigakos)