Greek Genealogy - Uncategorized NEW links

I have many links that I have not been able to look at in depth, or categorize.  I have decided to include a new page with those links on the website.  That way you can have access to them until I can check them out further and put them in the correct categories.

I have quite a few, so I will be adding them on a consistent basis, and post them by date added.

Below you will find the first group - they can also be found at Greek Genealogy Research - Links that are new and have not been categorized yet.  

Local Greek Government to be Overhauled - Kathimerini English Edition - January 11, 2010 “.....At the heart of the proposals is the plan to do away with the 76 prefectures that currently span the country and replacing them with 13 larger regions.  Similarly, 1,034 municipalities will be whittled down to less than 370 ....” -- What ever happened with this?  
Google Ebook - “Tales from the isles of Greece:  being sketches of modern Greek peasant life”  translated from the Greek of Argyris Ephtaliotis by W. H. D. Rouse - published 1897

Hope you find this new feature useful.

Georgia Keilman nee Stryker (Stratigakos)