Greek Military Recruitment Offices Online

The Military Recruitment Office in Greece is online -

According to the wiki on Greek genealogy research - "The recruiting records are particularly valuable as they include a register of all males by year of birth."  They suggest that you will have to write to the recruiting office of the Ministry of Defense main office for information as to the location of these records in the local archives.  

Now you can get the mailing address and email address for each local recruiting office ONLINE.  Click on ΕΙΣΟΔΟΣ (Enter) on the main screen. The following screen will appear.  In the left column click on ΕΠΙΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΑ (Contact).

You can then click on the appropriate area of Greece to get the local Recruitment Office information.

For your information - terms in English and Greek

MILITARY RECORDS - Stratiotika Arheia - Στρατιωιτικά Αρχεία

RECRUITMENT OFFICE - Stratologiko Grafeio - Στρατολογικό Γραφείο 


Good luck with your Greek family history genealogy research.

Georgia Keilman nee Stryker (Stratigakos)

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