Central Macedonia, Greece - 148 New Links

148 New Links for Central Macedonia in Greece - Prefectures Chalkidiki, Imathia, Kilkis, Pella, Pieria, Serres, and Thessaloniki.

They will be added to the HellenicGenealogyGeek.com main website in the next week or so when I publish the revised and easier to navigate site.  In the meantime, you can view these additional links right here.

As always, I invite you to recommend additions to this list that you think would be helpful to those researching their Greek family history.

Georgia Keilman nee Stryker (Stratigakos)      

Chalkidiki (Halkidiki) - Diocese of Kassandria
Chalkidiki (Halkidiki) - Municipality of Ormylia
Chalkidiki (Halkidiki) - Municipality of Pallini
Chalkidiki (Halkidiki) - Municipality of Moudania
Chalkidiki (Halkidiki) - Municipality of Anthemountas
Chalkidiki (Halkidiki) - Municipality of Toroni
Chalkidiki (Halkidiki) - Municipality of Kassandra
Chalkidiki (Halkidiki) - Municipality of Triglia
Chalkidiki (Halkidiki) - Municipality of Polygyros
Chalkidiki (Halkidiki) - Municipality of Sithonia
Chalkidiki (Halkidiki) - Municipality of Stagira - Akanthos
Chalkidiki (Halkidiki) - Municipality of Arnea
Imathia - Daily Press - Laos Newspaper
Imathia - Daily Press - Imerissia Imathias
Pieria - Daily Press - Pierikoi Antilaloi
Pieria - Daily Press - Politis of Pieria
Pieria - Daily Press - Imerisia of Pieria
Thessaloniki - Church of Ypapanti
Thessaloniki - Church of Aghios Menas
Thessaloniki - Church of Taxiarches
Thessaloniki - Church of Panagouda
Thessaloniki - Diocese of Lagada
Thessaloniki - Municipality of Sochos
Thessaloniki - Municipality of Thermi
Thessaloniki - Municipality of Pefka
Thessaloniki - Municipality of Pylea
Thessaloniki - Municipality of Mikra
Thessaloniki - Municipality of Axios
Thessaloniki - Daily Press - Makedoniki Ekdotiki Ektipotiki S.A.
Thessaloniki - Daily Press - Agelioforos

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