France, Civil and Military Pensions, 1836-1862 (28 People Born in GREECE)

France, Civil and Military Pensions, 1836-1862 (Bulletin des Lois)

28 people are listed as being born in Greece.  I have transcribed the names below.  You can access more information and view the original records on

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"This database contains civil and military pension records printed in the Supplément to theBulletin des Lois for the years 1836-1862.
What’s in the Records
The Bulletin des Lois (Bulletin of the Laws) was an annual publication in France that provided an official listing of laws, orders, and regulations (ancestor of the Journal Officiel). TheSupplément, published at the same time, provides information on several government appointments, including a list of beneficiaries of pensions granted by civil or military decree. This database includes records of pensions paid to military personnel and government employees, as listed in the volumes of the Supplément. Pensions could be transferred to a widow or minor children. This database contains over 220,000 references of individuals who received a state pension during the period.
In addition to details on pay and service, the records may include:
  • name
  • birth date
  • birthplace
  • death date
  • marriage date
  • spouse
  • spouse birth date, birthplace, death date
  • children’s names, birth dates, birthplaces


Name - Birth Date - Birth Place

Nicolata Arcadino - b. 1794 Corfou

Jean-Joseph-Lois Barillon - b. 1797 Serres

Bonaventure Baudet - b. 1810 Rodos

Louis-Alexandre Bechamp - b. 1815 Serres

Jean-Francois Beynet - b. 1788 Serres

Ellene-Perine Blasiolo - b. 1776 Zante (Zakynthos)

Jean-Francois Birobent - b. 1807 Serres

Francois Boureau - b. 1815 Mathes

Jean-Baptiste Cayrol - b. 1809 Serres

Francois-Vincent Chabel - b. 1808 Serres

Pierre Clerc - b. 1836 Serres

Elizabeth Cormil - b. 1794 Mathes

Marie-Marthe-Therese Demartenne - b. 1808 Orthes

Eteinne Destrem - b. 1807 Serres

Sabine-Josephe Geerinck - b. 1797 Serres

Marguerite Gros - b. 1772 Serres

Brigitte-Sophie Leoni - b. 1816 Navarrn

Alexandre-Andre Meissas - b. 1795 Serres

Henri Meyere - b. 1799 Serres

Jean-Jacques Miellon - b. 1812 Serres

Louise-Caroline Morgan - b. 1794 Serres

Jean-Victor Pascal - b. 1804 Serres

Elisabeth Razaud - b. 1791 Serres

Claude-Antoine Retrouvey - b. 1783 Serres

Pierre Roumieu - b. 1824 Serres

Francois Simon - b. 1785 Serres

Francois Turquaix - b. 1804 Serres

Jean Vignaux - b. 1792 Serres