Remembering the Ottoman Past in the Eastern Mediterranean

Published by the on November 20, 2015

The Connsulate General of Greece in Istanbul is holding a series of monthly lectures entitled "Remembering the Ottoman Past in the Eastern Mediterranean", at the Sismanoglio Mansion.

The series, which began last month, will run until May 2016.  The lectures are organized by Dr. Evangelia Balta, Research Director at the National Hellenic Research Foundation (Ottoman Studies Programme) and Richard Wittmann from the Orient-Institut Istanbul.

The lectures will introduce the work of international researchers from different academic disciplines who study the rich ethnic and cultural diversity of the Eastern Mediterranean region.  They will discuss how the memory of an Ottoman past is portrayed in an enormously wide range of sources.  . . . 

Dr. Balta, a historian and descendant of Greek refugees of the Turkish-Greek population exchange, is the author of numerous books on Ottoman-Greek culture and language, especially on the Karamanlis population of Anatolia.


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