Years 2004-2006 Death Notices published in Greek Orthodox Observer Newspaper

The Orthodox Observer, the national publication of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, functions as the primary news and information connection and is a direct physical link between the Archdiocese, the Metropolises, parishes and individual parishioners.

The Orthodox Observer has a section titled "In Memoriam" where they print detailed death notices about clergy, presbytera's, and various other important members of the church.

You can access the archives online at

The following are notices printed in the years 2004-2006

January/February 2004

Fr. James Karalexis
Fr. Anthony Mavromaras
Fr Thomas Tsevas
Fr. Constantine Lawrence
Fr. Carl Vouros
Judge Callie Tsapis

July/August 2004
Presbytera Alva Mahalares

September 2004
Fr. Joseph Antonakakis
Fr. Constantine G. Theodore
Fr. Anthony Kosturos
Angela V. Anton, Mother of Metropolitan Tarasios
Rev. Economos Philemon Sevastiades

October/November 2004
Alexandra Leondis
Rebecca Poulos
James Stremanos

December 2004
Magdalene Kourounis
Presbytera Anastasia Stephanopoulos
Spiro Pandekakes

January 2005
Johnny N. Economy
Fr. Homer Goumenis
Fr. Constantine Theodore
Fr. George A. Vlahos

March/April 2005
Fr Paul G. Economides
Fr. James Demetriades
Fr. Steven Yankopoulos
Fr. James Tsoulos
Fr. George Gousias
Helen Theodore Zambornis

July/August 2005
Fr. Philip Sakellson
Fr. John A. Poulos
Fr. Maximos Moses
Fr. Demosthenes Mekras

November 2005
Fr. Tryfon Theophilooulos
Nick John Mamalakis
Vassiliki (Bessie) Sietsema

December 2005
Fr. George E. Tsongranis
Fr. Harry P. Hatzopoulos
Fr. Nicholas J. Capilos
Fr. Charles Goumenis
Fr. Nicholas Rafael
Fr. Nicholaos G. Voucanos

January/February 2006
Presbytera Jennie M. Makredes
Angeliki Chronopoulos Demos
Helen G. Pappas

May 2006
Rev. Spyros Mourikis
Rev. Phillip G. Gialopsos
Rev. Theophanis Kolyvas
Rev. Soterios Lytras
Rev. Paul G. Apostolakos

June/July 2006
Rev. Gerasimos P. Annas
Fr. Philip Gialopsos

November 2006
Fr. Efstathios V. Mylonas
Presb. Georgia Chamberas
Fr. Achilles A. Siagris
Fr. James Chskalos
Fr. George Neofotistos
Fr. George A. Xenofanes