Wonderful Book - 818 Names - Legends & Legacies (Memories of Greek Community in Ann Arbor, Michigan)

I loved this book!  - Earlier this month our fellow Hellenic Genealogy Geek member, John N. Vasilakos, recommended this book.  So glad.  Thanks John.


by Pearl Kastran Ahnen - award winning journalist.

Foreword by the Rev. Fr. John Paul, Priest of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Published in 1995 - this book is available on Amazon.com for as low as $4.25

I wish more books were written like this one.  The author writes a separate chapter on each family, based on multiple interviews with family members. She tells the personal story of their life in Greece, why they migrated to the U.S., their arrival in this new country, their work and family histories.  The book is filled with quotes from the interviews and personal stories about their lives.  She has included the names of family members and other people who played a major role in the lives of her subjects.  

There are 818 names woven into these stories.  I have listed them below for your reference.

I am including a few reviews from the back cover of the book.

The voices and stories in this book, reflecting the anguish and hope of the immigrant, haunt one's heart long after reading.  Pearl Kastral Ahnen has performed a great service not only to the Greek families of Ann Arbor but has made a significant contribution to the great immigrant literature of the United States.
Harry Mark Petrakis, novelist and short stories
Twice nominated for the National Book Award

This book is more than a history of a single group of immigrants; it's a sensitive and thought-provoking study of the complex ethnic underpinnings that make America strong.  Pearl K. Ahnen is an Alex Haley for the 90's and Legends and Legacies is the Roots of Greco-American society.
Loren D. Estleman, author of Edsel and 
Pulitzer nominee for this novel Blood Season.

Legends and Legacies is an interesting collection and juxtaposition of interviews with Greek-American Ann Arborites.  The narrative and Pearl K. Ahnen's introductory chapter move much beyond this scope and allows the reader to have an intimate look into the early history of the Greek-Americans in Ann Arbor as well as their many contributions to the local economy and culture.  Ms. Ahnen deserves congratulations for her devotion to this project which she has accomplished with zest, love and a strong sense of respect to her own "legends".
Traianos Gagos, assistant professor, Department
of Classical Studies, University of Michigan

Agathangelos, Nicholas (Priest)
Agnew, Spiro T.
Alex, Artemis
Alex, Bessie – aka Vasiliki Stephanou
Alex, Constantine
Alexander, Chrysula (Chris)
Alexander, Delores
Alexander, Denny
Alexander, Gus
Alexander, Mary – aka Marika Sevdalis
Alexander, Neatsa
Amrine, Patricia - aka Patricia Theros
Anagnostopoulos, Anastasia
Anagnostopoulos, Antigone - aka Antigone Raphael
Anagnostopoulos, Basil - aka Basil Anagnost
Anagnostopoulos, Demetrious - aka James Reader
Anagnostopoulos, Demosthenes
Anagnostopoulos, John
Anast, Lucille – aka Lucille Koken
Andrico, Christina - aka Christina Christoulias
Andrico, Denietra
Andrico, Despina - aka Despina Mermigas
Andrico, George
Andrico, Helen
Andrico, Irene - aka Irene Karajina
Andrico, John
Andrico, Kalliope - aka Kalliope Nicols
Andrico, Karajina - aka Irene Andrico
Andrico, Theodore
Andrico, Theofane
Andrico, Trifon
Anguras, Chris
Argyropoulos, Ann - aka Ann Eugene
Arhangelos, George
Asvestas, Dimitra
Athanasakos, Athanase - aka Tom Thompson
Axarloglou, Efthalia
Axarloglou, Evangelos
Axarloglou, Katerina
Axarloglou, Kostas
Bachakis, Patricia - aka Patricia Garris
Bahas, Katina - aka Katina Deonesopoulos
Baker, Suzanne - aka Suzanne Bezirium
Banos, Eleni - aka Eleni Skinner
Barlow, Penny - aka Penelope Tafty
Batsakes, James
Bekiares, Cassandra (Cassy)
Bekiares, Connie - aka Connie McCullen
Bekiares, Frances - aka Frances Sinelli
Bekiares, Joanne - aka Joanne Schrader
Bekiares, Koula - aka Koula (Kyriake) Verames
Bekiares, Penelope (Penny)
Bekiares, William
Beltsos, Katherine - aka Katherine Nickas
Bertsos, John
Bezirium Christine
Bezirium, Angeline - aka Angeleke Chronopoulos
Bezirium, Bette - aka Bette Church
Bezirium, Constance
Bezirium, Gerald (Gerasimos)
Bezirium, John
Bezirium, Kathrine
Bezirium, Mary
Bezirium, Suzanne - aka Suzanne Baker
Bezirium, Theodore
Bilakos, Chris
Bilakos, Peter
Bissias, Eleni
Bissias, Michael
Bokas, Marika
Booth, Peter
Boudrie, Cerene - aka Cerene Prokos
Boudrie, Mel
Boudrie, Stacy
Boudrie, Steven
Brademas, John
Bunker, David
Bunker, Karen
Bunker, Ramona
Bunker, Terry
Cameras, Argus
Carras, Bill
Carras, George
Carras, Jim
Carras, John
Carras, William
Carres, Christo – aka Christo Karageorge
Carres, Angeline (Angeleke) - aka Angeline Pappas
Carres, Christina
Carres, Constandina
Carres, Constantine
Carres, Helen (Eleni) - aka Helen Garkinos
Carres, James (Dimitri)
Carres, Margaret (Smaragda) - aka Margaret Petsis
Carres, Maria - aka Maria Karales
Carres, Rita
Cazepis, Harry
Challis, Alexander
Challis, Jack
Challis, Michael
Challis, Natalie
Challis, Peter
Challis, William Windsor
Chapekis, Bess
Chapekis, George
Chapekis, Katina - aka Katina Mesologiatou
Chiatalas, Andrew
Chiatalas, Anna Marie - aka Anna Marie Donoghue
Chiatalas, Cindy
Chiatalas, Daniel
Chiatalas, David
Chiatalas, Demitroula - aka Demitroula Claypool
Chiatalas, Eleni
Chiatalas, John
Chiatalas, Louis (Lou)
Chiatalas, Marguerite (Marge)
Chiatalas, Melina
Chiatalas, Nancy
Chiatalas, Pericles
Chiatalas, Styliani
Chiatalas, Tom
Chrisouli, Theresa - aka Theresa Govatsos
Christ, Fotica - aka Fotica George
Christ, Gus
Christ, Paul
Christ, Thelma
Christ, Vasilios
Christopher, Helen - aka Helen Res
Christoulias, Christina - aka Christina Andrico
Christoulias, Deno
Christoulias, Froso
Christoulias, Nick
Chronis, Steve – aka Steve Chronopoulos
Chronis, Chrisouii – aka Chrisouii Govatsos
Chronis, Deno
Chronis, Frances
Chronis, Kathy
Chronis, Marge
Chronis, Stavros
Chronis, Steve
Chronis, Terri
Chronis, Tula - aka Tula Prokos
Chronopoulos, Angeleke - aka Angeline Bezirium
Chronopoulos, Katina
Chronopoulos, Steve – aka Steve Chronis

Church, Bette - aka Bette Bezirium
Claypool, Bill
Claypool, Demitroula - aka Chiatalas, Demitroula
Cochran, Eras
Cochran, Erasmia – aka Erasmia Kussurelis
Coffin, Donna - aka Donna Raphael
Coidakis, Helen - aka Helen Stamos
Coititsas, Faye
Collins, Afrodite – aka Afrodite Govatsos
Collins, Andreas
Collins, Bella – aka Pelagia Prappas
Collins, George
Collins, Jimmy
Collins, Peter
Collins, Peter – aka Peter Kirakoulis
Collins, Peter G.
Comes, Albina - aka Albina Letsis
Commings, Evelyn - aka Evelyn Sekaros
Commings, Madia
Commings, Stephanie
Connell, Irene
Conomikes, Esther           
Constant, Theodore
Contos, Angeline – aka Angeline Kokinakes
Coologerogen, Katerene
Coologerogen, Mary - aka Mary Roopas
Coologerogen, Paraskavalakos
Curtis, George
Daftsios, A.C.
Daftsios, Chris
Daftsios, Deno
Daftsios, Fay
Daftsios, Tina
Dames, John
Dames, Ted
Deonesopoulos, Anastasia
Deonesopoulos, Christos
Deonesopoulos, Constantinos – aka Charles Opple
Deonesopoulos, Georgia
Deonesopoulos, Katina – aka Katina Bahas
Deonesopoulos, Mary
Deonesopoulos, Peter
Diamond (Diamondithou), Konstontine
Diamond, Helene
Donoghue, Anna Marie - aka Anna Marie Chiatalas
Donoghue, David
Donoghue, Katina
Donoghue, Louis
Donoghue, Pericles
Douglas, Evan
Douglas, George
Douglas, Jay
Douglas, Jim
Douglas, Jim Jr.
Douglas, Michael
Douglas, Tricia
Douvitsas, Angeline
Douvitsas, Angelo
Douvitsas, Anna
Douvitsas, Frances – aka Frances Fry
Douvitsas, George
Douvitsas, Gus
Douvitsas, John
Douvitsas, Tasha – aka Tasha Dubbs
Douvitsas, Xantha
Dubbs, Tasha – aka Tasha Douvitsas
Dubbs, William
Dukakis, Michael
Elfant, Elsie – aka Elsie Eugene
Ellis, Bette – aka Bette Kussurelis
Enguras, Chris
Eugene, Alexandra
Eugene, Ann - aka Ann Argyropoulos
Eugene, Dora – aka Nifodora Theodoridou
Eugene, Elsie – aka Elsie Elfant
Eugene, Evy (Eugenia) – aka Evy Mavrellis
Eugene, Paul
Eugenides (Eugene), Alexandros
Eugenides (Eugene), Anastasia
Eugenides (Eugene), Eugenios
Eugenides (Eugene), Kyriakos
Evangelides, Anastasios
Evangelides, Ann (Anastasia) - aka Ann Krimbacher
Evangelides, Fannie – aka Fannie Kambas
Evangelides, Karol
Evangelides, Katherine
Evangelides, Kathy
Evangelides, Kristy
Farres, Evans John
Farres, John
Farres, Lillian
Farres, Nicholas
Farres, Theodora – aka Theodora Grammas
Feggos, Mrs.
Ferguson, Dana
Ferguson, Diane - aka Diane Sekaros
Fry, Frances – aka Frances Douvitsas
Fry, Jack
Furkioti, Frances – aka Frances Kokinakes
Gagalis, George
Gaggas, Mrs.
Garkinos, Christine
Garkinos, Helen - aka Helen (Eleni) Carres
Garkinos, Steven
Garris, Betty
Garris, Helen
Garris, Jacalen
Garris, Jack
Garris, Jack J.
Garris, Michael
Garris, Patricia - aka Patricia Bachakis
Garris, Steve
Garris, Steven
Geczi, Diane - aka Diane Verames
Gentry, Linda - aka Linda Theros
George, Alex
George, Ella - aka Ella Moniodis
George, Fotica – aka Fotica Christ
George, Fotika
George, James
George, James III
George, Karen
George, Margaret – aka Margaret Yates
George, Mark
George, Thelma – aka Thelma Steers
George, Vicky
George, William
Gialouris, Athina V. - aka Athina Res
Golfinos, Christos
Govatsos, Afrodite – aka Afrodite Collins
Govatsos, Areanthe – aka Areanthe Melonakos
Govatsos, Athanasios
Govatsos, Bessie (Vasso) – aka Bessie Pamel & Bessie Hondros
Govatsos, Chrisouii – aka Chrisouii Chronis
Govatsos, Diamando – aka Diamando Mastrapostolis
Govatsos, Fotini
Govatsos, Katherine – aka Katherine Thompson
Govatsos, Panagiota – aka Panagiota Roumanis
Govatsos, Theresa - aka Theresa Chrisouli
Grammas, Theodora – aka Theodora Farres
Hadgigeorge, Father Chris
Hammer, Demetra Ratliff - aka Demetra Preketes
Harrison, Martha - aka Martha Theros
Hinopoulou, Marika – aka Marika Kussurelis
Holdaway, Beth - aka Beth Theros
Hondros, Bessie – aka Bessie Govatsos & Bessie Pamel
Hondros, John
Hontzas, Pete
Hulce, Anne - aka Anne Verames
Ianoulesou, Daniela - aka Daniela Nicolaescu
Ianoulesou, George
Jones, Clement
Jones, Michael
Jordon, Ariagone
Kalas, Mary – aka Mary Opple
Kalogirou, Panayota (Pat) - aka Pat Moniodis
Kalogirou, Sophia
Kalogirou, Vasilia
Kalogirou, Xenophon
Kambas, Costas
Kambas, Fannie – aka Fannie Evangelides
Kambas, Fanny
Kambas, Louie
Kambas, Louis (Elias)
Kara, Maria
Karageorge, Christo – aka Christo Carres
Karales, Angeleke
Karales, George
Karales, Maria - aka Maria Carres
Karales, Maxine
Karales, Smaragda
Kartsounes, George
Kartsounes, Vasilike
Kilismanis, Kiki - aka Kiki Lambrinedou
Kilismanis, Nick
Kirakoulis, Peter – aka Peter Collins
Kokales, Charley
Kokales, Esther
Kokales, Evan
Kokales, Helen – aka Helen Kokinakes
Kokales, John
Kokales, Mary – aka Mary Tower
Kokales, Peter
Koken, Christ
Koken, Helen
Koken, John
Koken, Lucille – aka Lucille Anast
Koken, Paul
Kokinakes, Andrew
Kokinakes, Angeline – aka Angeline Contos
Kokinakes, Chris
Kokinakes, Christ
Kokinakes, Diamond
Kokinakes, Eugenia – aka Eugenia Poles
Kokinakes, Frances – aka Frances Furkioti
Kokinakes, Frank
Kokinakes, Helen – aka Helen Kokales
Kokinakes, John
Kokinakes, Mary – aka Mary Kronopoulos
Kokinakes, Paul
Kokinakes, Stella – aka Stella Theros
Kokkales, Charlie
Kokkales, Chris
Kokkales, Constantine C. (Charles)
Kokkales, Cynthia
Kokkales, Dean
Kokkales, Demetra
Kokkales, Esther – aka Esther Valvanis
Kokkales, Georgia
Kokkales, Helen
Kokkales, John
Kokkales, Katherine – aka Katherine Theodorpoulos
Kokkales, Kyle
Kokkales, Laura – aka Laura Lia
Kokkales, Nicholas
Kokkales, Paul
Kokkales, Peter
Kontoleon, Father Michael
Koulizosso, Kanelli
Kourlas, Gus
Krimbacher, Ann - aka Ann (Anastasia) Evangelides
Krimbacher, Frank
Kronopoulos, Mary – aka Mary Kokinakes
Kusserelis, Marika
Kusserelis, Tom
Kussurelis, Athanasios (Tom)
Kussurelis, Bette – aka Bette Ellis
Kussurelis, Christopher
Kussurelis, Erasmia – aka Erasmia Cochran
Kussurelis, Jim
Kussurelis, Marika – aka Marika Hinopoulou
Kussurelis, Peter
Kussurelis, Tom
Kussurelis, Zorene
Lafkas, Angelo
Lafkas, Bia
Lafkas, George
Lafkas, Jim
Lafkas, Katina - aka Katina Presuth
Lafkas, Matina - aka Matina Scarmoutsos
Lafkas, Theodore
Lambrinedos, George
Lambrinedos, Michael
Lambrinedou, Dorthea
Lambrinedou, Kiki - aka Kiki Kilismanis
Lambros, Andrew
Lambros, Christopher
Lambros, Demetri
Lambros, George
Lambros, Irene - aka Irene Letsis
Lambros, Martin
Lambros, Nitsa – aka Nitsa Ross
Lambros, Spiro
Lambros, Victoria – aka Victoria Tassioupoulos (Passe)
Lellos, Angelo
Lellos, Olga
Letsis, Albina - aka Albina Comes
Letsis, Ann
Letsis, Bea - aka Beatrice (Bea) McCallum
Letsis, Gregory
Letsis, Harry
Letsis, Irene - aka Irene Lambros
Letsis, Joshua
Letsis, Marcia
Letsis, Mary
Letsis, Sandra
Letsis, Steven
Letsis, Steven Gregory
Letsis, Taylor
Letsis, Ted Harry
Letsis, Troy
Leventis, Mary - aka Mary Verames
Lia, Anthony
Lia, Christine
Lia, Laura – aka Laura Kokkales
Lingon, Iphigenia - aka Iphigenia Preketes
Lovanos, George M.
Manikas, Eleni
Manikas, Frank
Manikas, Gus
Manikas, Helen – aka Helen Sliwa
Manikas, John
Manikas, Mary
Manikas, Nicholas
Manikas, Nick
Manikas, Steven
Manikas, Thomasia
Marahefti, Elesavet - aka Elizabeth Pantely
Marine, Angeline
Marine, Fotenee
Maroulis, John - aka John Miller
Maroulis, Paraskeve - aka Paraskeve Miller
Martin, Helen Wyatt
Masters, Dana
Masters, Maxie
Masters, Michael
Masters, Thano
Masters, Vicky
Mastrapostolis, Diamando – aka Diamando Govatsos
Mavrellis, Alexis
Mavrellis, Demis
Mavrellis, Democritos
Mavrellis, Evy – (Eugenia Eugene)
Mavrellis, Paraskevou
Mavrellis, Timotheos (Tim)
McCallum, Beatrice (Bea) - aka Bea Letsis
McCullen, Beth
McCullen, Christie
McCullen, Connie - aka Connie Bekiares
McCullen, Ryan
McCullen, William
Mehalos, Helen - aka Helen Pappademetriou
Melonakos, Areanthe – aka Areanthe Govatsos
Mermigas, Despina - aka Despina Andrico
Mermigas, George
Mermigas, Gus
Mermigas, John
Mermigas, Steve
Mesologiatou, Katina - aka Katina Chapekis
Metropoulos, Penelope
Michael, Nick
Michos, Demetrios
Michos, Eleni – aka Eleni Roumania
Michos, George
Michos, Nick
Michos, Robin
Michos, Sharon
Michos, Theophane
Miller, Eva
Miller, George
Miller, John - aka John Maroulis
Miller, Kathleen - aka Kathleen Voulelis
Miller, Nick
Miller, Paraskeve - aka Paraskeve Maroulis
Miltsios, Magdalene
Minakas, Frank
Mirageas, Connie
Mirageas, John
Moniodis, Ella - aka Ella George
Moniodis, Juliana
Moniodis, Napoleon
Moniodis, Pat - aka Panayota (Pat) Kalogirou
Moniodis, Paul
Moniodis, Xenophon (Jeff)
Muhs, Alexander
Muhs, John
Muhs, Paula
Nickas, Demetrios
Nickas, Katherine - aka Katherine Beltsos
Nickas, Vasilia - aka Vasilia Raphael
Nickolotoulos, Diamondo
Nicolaescu, Alexander
Nicolaescu, Daniela - aka Daniel Ianoulesou
Nicolaescu, Eleni - aka Eleni Sturdza
Nicolaescu, Gloria
Nicolaescu, Ilariu
Nicolaescu, Rodica
Nicols, George
Nicols, Kalliope - aka Kalliope Andrico
Nicols, Nick
Opple, Catherine
Opple, Charles – aka Constantinos Deonesopoulos
Opple, Chris
Opple, Donna
Opple, Georgia
Opple, Mary – aka Mary Kalas
Pamel, Bessie – aka Bessie Govatsos & Bessie Hondros
Pamel, George
Panagoulias, Vasso - aka Vasso Panos
Panos, Bill
Panos, Demos (Demosthenis)
Panos, Georgia
Panos, Helen - aka Helen Pantely
Panos, Nicholas
Panos, Vasso - aka Vasso Panagoulias
Pantely, Elizabeth - aka Elesavet Marahefti
Pantely, Eugenia (Gina)
Pantely, Helen - aka Helen Panos
Pantely, Nicholas
Pantely, Sam
Pantos, Lillian - aka Lillian Skinner
Papageorge, Nicholas
Papnick, Christine
Pappademetriou, Aspasia - aka Aspasia Sabot
Pappademetriou, Constantine
Pappademetriou, Evangelica
Pappademetriou, Faye - aka Faye Sekaros
Pappademetriou, Helen - aka Helen Mehalos
Pappas, Angeline - aka Angeline (Angeleke) Carres
Pappas, Eugenia
Pappas, Mary
Passialis, Pitsa
Paul, Father John
Paul, Frank - aka Frantzis Pavlou
Paul, Georgia
Pavaritou, Katingo
Pavlou, Frantzis - aka Frank Paul
Pavlou, Georgia - aka Georgia Tsipianitis
Paxinos, Andreas
Paxinos, Nick
Paxinos, Tenia - aka Tenia Tsangaris
Peliotis, Theresa - aka Theresa Stamos
Perros, Means
Perros, Mr.
Petrolekas (Prokos), Coula
Petrolekas (Prokos), George
Petropoulos, Frank
Petropoulos, George
Petsis, Anastasia
Petsis, George
Petsis, Loukas
Petsis, Margaret - aka Margaret (Smaragda) Carres
Phanos, Frank
Poles, Eugenia – aka Eugenia Kokinakes
Polopolos, John
Poulos, Angelo
Poulos, Anthony
Poulos, Bill
Poulos, John
Powell, Cathy - aka Cathy Prokos
Powell, Tim
Prappas, George
Prappas, Jimmy
Prappas, Paul
Prappas, Pelagia – aka Bella Collins
Preketes, Angeline
Preketes, Anthony
Preketes, Becky - aka Becky Vlisides
Preketes, Bessie - aka Bessie Trakas
Preketes, Charles (Charley) (Charlie)
Preketes, Demetra - aka Demetra Ratliff Hammer
Preketes, Frank
Preketes, Iphigenia - aka Iphigenia Lingon
Preketes, Mary
Preketes, Paul
Preketes, Tony
Presuth, John
Presuth, Katina - aka Katina Lafkas
Prokos, Alyssa
Prokos, Cathy - aka Cathy Powell
Prokos, Cerene - aka Cerene Boudrie
Prokos, Christy - aka Christy Yenkel
Prokos, Deana
Prokos, George
Prokos, James (Jim)(Jimmy)
Prokos, Rhonda
Prokos, Steve
Prokos, Ted
Prokos, Tracey
Prokos, Tula – aka Tula Chronis
Prokosi, Cathy
Prokosi, Ted
Radliff, Tony
Raftopoulos, Dyonisis
Raphael George, Raphael
Raphael, Angela
Raphael, Antigone - aka Antigone Anagnostopoulos
Raphael, C. Nicholas
Raphael, Denise
Raphael, Donna (Dorothea)
Raphael, Donna - aka Donna Coffin
Raphael, Frank
Raphael, George
Raphael, Harilos
Raphael, Harriet
Raphael, Jennifer
Raphael, Joan
Raphael, Katherine
Raphael, Nicole
Raphael, Vasilia - aka Vasilia Nickas
Rayer, Michele - aka Michele Theros
Reader, Barbara
Reader, Helene
Reader, James (Jim)
Reader, James - aka Demetrious Anagnostopoulos
Reader, James Jr.
Res, Helen - aka Helen Christopher
Res, Leontios (Leo)
Res, Nicholas
Res, Vasilios (Bill)
Res, Zannis L.
Ritsi, Father Martin
Ritsi, Nicole
Ritsi, Presvytera Renee Pataras
Ritsi, Stephanos
Robison, Dawn - aka Dawn Schrader
Robison, Proctor
Rody, Carrie - aka Carrie Sinelli
Romanos, Callope
Roopas, Angie
Roopas, Dean
Roopas, Elizabeth
Roopas, Eve
Roopas, George
Roopas, Heidi
Roopas, John
Roopas, Katheryn
Roopas, Mary - aka Mary Coologerogen
Roopas, Melissa
Roopas, Mike
Roopas, Nick
Roopas, Olga - aka Olga Sekeres
Roopas, Peter
Roopas, Priscilla (Paraskevi)
Ross, Nitsa – aka Nitsa Lambros
Rouman, Frances
Rouman, George
Rouman, Sam
Roumania, Demetrios
Roumania, Eleni – aka Eleni Michos
Roumania, John
Roumania, Louie
Roumania, Sam
Roumania, Tom
Roumanis Afrodite
Roumanis, Demetrios
Roumanis, Iris
Roumanis, John
Roumanis, Panagiota – aka Panagiota Govatsos
Roumanis, Sam
Roumanis, Tasia
Sabot, Aspasia - aka Aspasia Pappademetriou
Sarbanies, Paul
Scarmoutsos, Anna
Scarmoutsos, Dimitra
Scarmoutsos, Evangeline
Scarmoutsos, Georgia
Scarmoutsos, Manuel
Scarmoutsos, Matina - aka Matina Lafkas
Scarmoutsos, Nicholas
Scarmoutsos, Peter
Scarmoutsos, Pota
Scarmoutsos, Stamatina
Schrader, Carrington
Schrader, Dawn - aka Dawn Robison
Schrader, Joanne - aka Joanne Bekiares
Sekaros, Constance - aka Constance Showalter
Sekaros, Costa
Sekaros, Dan
Sekaros, Diane - aka Diane Ferguson
Sekaros, Evelyn - aka Evelyn Commings
Sekaros, Faye - aka Faye Pappademetriou
Sekeres, Olga - aka Olga Roopas
Sevdalis, Marika – aka Mary Alexander
Showalter, Constance - aka Constance Sekaros
Sinelli, Carrie - aka Carrie Rody
Sinelli, Frances - aka Frances Bekiares
Sinelli, Julie
Skentzos, William – aka William Skinner
Skinner, Adriana
Skinner, Andriana
Skinner, Eleni - aka Eleni Banos
Skinner, Lillian - aka Lillian Pantos
Skinner, Pauline
Skinner, William – aka William Skentzos
Skouras, George
Sliwa, Helen – aka Helen Manikas
Sophoclas, Father Michael
Sorolis, Harry
Stamadianos, Nick
Stamatopolos, Soterios - aka Sam N. Stamos
Stamos, Constantine
Stamos, Euthemios
Stamos, Helen - aka Helen Coidakis
Stamos, John
Stamos, Mary - aka Marigo Vourlitis
Stamos, Mercie
Stamos, Molly
Stamos, Nicholas
Stamos, Nick
Stamos, Peter
Stamos, Sam N. - aka Soterios Stamatopolos
Stamos, Theresa - aka Theresa Peliotis
Starnal, Esther
Stavropoulos, Angie
Steers, Gordon
Steers, Thelma - aka Thelma George
Stemagiotis, Andreas
Stemagiotis, Constantine
Stemas, Andreas
Stephanou, Eleni
Stephanou, Eurydice
Stephanou, Evanthia
Stephanou, John
Stephanou, Vasiliki – aka Bessie Alex
Stratos, William
Sturdza, Alexander
Sturdza, Eleni = aka Eleni Nicolaescu
Tafty, John
Tafty, Penelope – aka Penny Barlow
Tassioupoulos (Passe), Victoria – aka Victoria Lambros
Teragis, Helen
Teragis, Jim
Theodofidou, Aleko – aka Aleko Theodore
Theodofidou, Gesthimani
Theodore, Aleko – aka Aleko Theodofidou
Theodoridou, Dora (Nifodora) – aka Dora Eugene
Theodorou, Dimitri
Theodorou, Katherine
Theodorpoulos, Katherine – aka Katherine Kokkales
Theodosopoulos, Constantino
Theodosopoulos, Eleptheria - aka Eleptheria Triandaphilia
Theros, Angelo
Theros, Beth - aka Beth Holdaway
Theros, Craig
Theros, Dean Michael
Theros, George
Theros, Linda - aka Linda Gentry
Theros, Martha - aka Martha Harrison
Theros, Michael
Theros, Michele - aka Michele Rayer
Theros, Milton
Theros, Nicholas Milton
Theros, Patricia - aka Patricia Amrine
Theros, Stella – aka Stella Kokinakes
Theros, Stephen
Thompson, Catherine
Thompson, Katherine – aka Katherine Govatsos
Thompson, Rebecca
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, Tom – aka Athanase Athanasakos
Tower, Mary – aka Mary Kokales
Trakas, Bessie - aka Bessie Preketes
Trakas, John
Triandaphilia, Eleptheria - aka Eleptheria Theodosopoulos
Tsangaris, Christina
Tsangaris, Kosta
Tsangaris, Koula
Tsangaris, Margarita
Tsangaris, Tenia - aka Tenia Paxinos
Tsiatalas, George
Tsipianitis, Georgia - aka Georgia Pavlou
Tsongas, Paul
Vakirzis, Frosini
Vakirzis, Gregory
Vakirzis, Helen - aka Helen Voulelis
Vakirzis, Nicholas
Valvanis, Esther – aka Esther Kokkales
Valvanis, Martha
Vangelatos, Pat - aka Pat Verames
Varonis, Orestes
Veigel, David
Veigel, Fred
Veigel, Karen
Veigel, Terry
Verames, Anne - aka Anne Hulce
Verames, Constandinos (Gus) A.
Verames, Diane - aka Diane Geczi
Verames, Koula (Kyriake) - aka Koula Bekiares
Verames, Mary - aka Mary Leventis
Verames, Pat - aka Pat Vangelatos
Vlasides, Kevin
Vlasides, Leah
Vlasides, Rebecca
Vlasides, Steven
Vlisides, Becky - aka Becky Preketes
Voulelis, Anna
Voulelis, Anthony
Voulelis, Evan
Voulelis, George
Voulelis, Helen - aka Helen Vakirzis
Voulelis, Lena
Voulelis, Maria
Voulelis, Michael
Voulelis, Nick
Voulelis, Theodore
Vourlitis, Jim
Vourlitis, Marigo - aka Mary Stamos
Yates, Bill
Yates, Katherine
Yates, Margaret – aka Margaret George
Yenkel, Christy - aka Christy Prokos

Yenkel, Mark