39 born in Greece - WWII Second Australian Imperial Forces and Citizen Military Forces Service Records, 1939-1947

Ancestry.com has a new database titled "Australia, WWII Second Australian Imperial Forces and Citizen Military Forces Service, 1939 - 1974" that includes 39 people listed as being born in Greece.

Source Information:
Original data: Second Australian Imperial Force Personnel Dossiers, 1939-1947.Series Number B883. National Archives of Australia, Canberra, Australia.
Citizen Military Forces Personnel Dossiers, 1939-1947. Series Number B884. National Archives of Australia, Canberra, Australia.

This collection contains service documents for individuals serving for the AIF (Second Australian Imperial Forces) or CMF (Citizen Military Forces) during WWII.

From the Australian War Museum in London: “As part of the British Empire, Australia was among the first nations to declare war on Nazi Germany and between 1939 and 1945 nearly one million Australian men and women served in what was going to be World War II. They fought in campaigns against the Axis powers across Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa. In 1941, The Japanese Imperial Navy attacked Pearl Harbour and advanced into South East Asia. As a result, the Allied powers including Australia were at war with Japan as well.

During this period, the Australian mainland came under direct enemy attack for the first time in history, with Japanese bombing attacks on Northern Australia and an attack on Sydney Harbour by Japanese midget submarines. At the time of German defeat and Japanese surrender, 39,000 Australians had lost their lives and another 30,000 had been taken prisoner.” “Australians in WWII.” Australians in World War II, www.awmlondon.gov.au/australians-in-wwii.

Information found on each record varies, but may contain:

  • Given and Surname
  • Service Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Place of Enlistment
  • Name of Next of Kin