Are You Related to Plato? - Genealogy News in Greece

ARE YOU RELATED TO PLATO? - Athens News article - While the family has always been at the heart of Greek society, few people actually go to the trouble of tracing their ancestors. 

"My family tree website grew out of my own desire to find my roots," Greek-Canadian Eleni Panagiotarakou says "This in turn, I believe, was motivated by my longing for my maternal country and my family, something which I believe is quite common with people of the diaspora."  

Panagiotarakou is one of the many thousands of Greeks who have turned to the internet to trace their roots.  While she avoids describing herself as an expert, she nevertheless has managed to build an extensive family tree, containing some 3,000 relatives.  As she explains, Panagiotarakou relied mostly on oral history - interviewing elderly relatives - for her research.

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At least they are writing about genealogy in Greece - awareness is a good thing.  Thanks to Carol Petranek for sending me this article.

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