36 Greeks Buried Alive in 1913 Mine Accident - Dawson, New Mexico

On October 22, 1913, the mines in Dawson, New Mexico suffered their first major disaster. Stag Canyon Mine No. 2 was shaken by an explosion that was felt two miles away in the town proper. Relief teams rushed in from surrounding communities, but of the 286 men who arrived to work in the Stag Canyon mine that morning, only 23 survived. Of the worker casualties, 146 were Italian and 36 were Greek.  Two rescuers died during the rescue effort. It was later determined that the explosion was caused by a dynamite charge set off while the mine was in general operation, igniting coal dust in the mine. This was in violation of mining safety laws.
The other mines remained productive after the disaster in Mine No. 2. Then, on February 8, 1923, Stag Canyon Mine No. 1 suffered an explosion. A mine car derailed, igniting coal dust in the mine. 123 men were killed in this explosion, many of them children of the men who died in 1913.

Here is a list of 35 of the Greek men killed in the explosion of Mine Number 2, Dawson, New Mexico on October 22, 1913.

Amargiotu, John
Anastasakis, John
Andres, John
Andres, Pavlo
Andrios, Thelfno
Anezakis, Milos
Anezakis, Stilen
Arkotas, Nick
Bouzakis, Nick
Castenagus, Magus
Colonintres, John
Cotrules, George
Cotrules, Mak
Fanarakis, Michael
Gelas, George
Iconome, Demetrius
Katis, Gust
Ladis, Vassilias
Lopakis, Magus
Magglis, Vassos
Makris, Cost
Makris, George
Michelei, Agostino
Mifinigan, Tones
Minotatis, Emm
Nicolocci, Nick
Papas, Cost
Papas, Nakis
Papas, Strat
Paperi, Mike
Parashas, Manon
Pino, Kros
Sexot, John
Stavakis, Polikronis
Vidalakis, Antonios

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