4,518 people born in Greece - United States Passport Applications, 1795-1925

FamilySearch.org has a FREE database titled UNITED STATES PASSPORT APPLICATIONS, 1795-1925 that includes 4,518 people born in Greece.

You will be able to view actual copies of the passport applications.

Note:  On December 24, 2014 I made a post based on the Ancestry.com database "United States Passport Applications, 1795-1925".  This database contained 7,725 people born in Greece.  The database mentioned in my current post may be a sub-set of the records contained in Ancestry.com's.


This collection contains United States Passport Applications from two different NARA collections: M1490, and M1372. This collection is currently being indexed and the indexed records are being published.

These records usually contain the following information:
  • Name
  • Application date
  • Application place
  • Birth date
  • Birth place
  • Name of husband or father
  • Husband's or father's birth date
  • Husband's or father's birth place
  • Husband's or father's residence
  • Husband's or father's citizenship information
  • Applicant's residence
  • Applicant's occupation
  • Length of time intending to be out of the U.S.
  • Where traveling to
  • Why traveling
  • Port of departure
  • Name of vessel
  • Date of departure
  • Oath of allegiance statement
  • Applicant's age
  • Applicant's physical description
  • Witness' statement
  • Witness' signature
  • Applicant's signature
  • Applicant's photograph
  • Name and position of person receiving application and witness' statement
  • Name and location of court where application and witness' statement was made