The Elementary School of Anavriti in 1838 - Municipality of Vrysai - Greece

Carol Kostakos Petranek, author of the Spartan Roots blog, has given permission for to reprint her June 10, 2015 post - The Elementary School of Anavriti (municipality of Vrysai) in 1838.  This should enable the names to be more accessible for people doing Hellenic genealogy research on the internet.


My friend, teacher, and historian, Giannis Michalakakos, has translated a list of children enrolled in school in Anavriti in 1838. The original digitized records can be found online at the General Archives of Greece (see source at end of document).

Giannis has added valuable information about the origin of many of the names in these records (look for a superscript number). He also provided links at the end of this document to the GAK Archives and to a blog dedicated to architecture in Sparta, and specifically to an article about Anavriti.  I extend to Giannis my deepest appreciation for his time and effort in finding and translating this list. 

The year 1838 predates many extant records (including Mitroon Arrenon); and as Giannis explained to me, if you calculate that the fathers of these children could be 30-40 years old, they would have fought in the Greek War of Independence in 1821!

To read more of Giannis’ writings about history, genealogy, and other issues concerning Mani, follow his blog, Maniatika.  Again, thank you so very much, Giannis!

Giannis Michalakakos

 Written by Giannis Michalakakos
Teacher of Home Economics and Ecology