Pancretan Association of America Congress in Salt Lake City Glows with Pride

Names of people pictured are listed at bottom of this page


Published in The National Herald, July 18-24, 2015 Issue
Authored by Chrysoula Tzortzaki
Special to The National Herald


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SALT LAKE CITY, UT - The heart of Crete always beats in Salt Lake City, but it beat more strongly than ever June 27 to July 2, when approximately 1,000 Cretans from across the country gathered for the 44th Congress of the Pancretan Association of America.

Right from the start participants understood the purpose of the convention was to strengthen ties with Crete and to present the noble history and the traditions of the Cretans in Utah.

The Cretans of Utah shared stories about their ancestors, how they arrived, settled, and thrived as they put down roots thousands of miles away from their island, but in an environment that brings to mind the proud mountains of Crete.

The highly successful congress was the fruit of the efforts and professionalism of the organizers at all levels.

Praise abounded for the food, the well-planned events, and the spirit of the volunteers.

The history of immigration of Greeks in Utah is closely connected with the history of the mines in Carbon County and Bingham Canyon.  The hard-working miners and their descendants eventually moved all over the state.

The convention's theme was "Discover your past, claim your future", which dominated all the events that took place, including thematic tours in the cities of Price and Helper, UT. . . . .

Standing:  Anthony Kounalis, Anastasia Marakis, Helen Vlastos Ranney, Haralambos Markakis, Rema Manousakis, John Marakis, Iakovos Boutzoukas, Vasilis Fourakis, Maria Stratoudakis, Georgia Tsismenakis, Kostas Pitaridis, George Tsoutsounakis.
Sitting:  Christos Markakis, Theodore Manousakis, Eleftherios Dramitinos, /erasmia Vlastos Novotny, Roxanne Koston, Panagiotis Psarakis, Costas Tsiskakis, Xanthippi Gelasakis, Dr. James Saklas, Debbie Nikokavouras.
Absent from photo:  Stavros Antonakakis, John Vomvolakis, John Russon, George Marnelakis, Maria Vamvakis and Dr. George Papadontonakis.

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