Hellenic Organization: Pan Rhodian Society of America "Apollon", Inc.


Name of Organization:  Pan Rhodian Society of America "Apollon", Inc.

Location:  Chapters throughout United States


Website http://www.panrhodian.org/

This Society was founded pursuant to Article 65 of Law 3534 of the State of Connecticut on
January 28, 1927, under the name PAN-RHODIAN SOCIETY “APOLLON." By amendment
of a Society Convention, the name was changed to PAN• RHODIAN SOCIETY OF


Aims and Objectives

a) To unite in one organization all individuals of Rhodian descent, regardless of sex or
religion, residing in the United States of America and Canada;
b) To promote greater unity within the Greek-American Community;
c) To encourage mutual aid and to promote solidarity and brotherly relations among its
d) To give financial assistance to patriotic, educational, religious, philanthropic, athletic, and
agricultural institutions in the United States and in Rhodes;
e) To grant scholarships to the children of member Rhodians or to those of Rhodian
descent attending accredited institutions of higher learning in the United States of
America and elsewhere.